Does Bipolar Disorder Cause Seizures?
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Q:  Does Bipolar Disorder Cause Seizures?

I had an incident at an emergency room. Was taken by ambulance for psychiatric issues and seizures. Just had surgery on right foot with 10 staples removes and severe infection followed. I became very enraged while there. Restraints   were used but was not sedated until one hour later. Unfortunately a nurse was kicked in the process. This is not normal behavior for me. Could all of the above events have been caused from my Bi-Polar disorder being at it's worst? Does Bi-polar disorder cause seizures?


Bipolar disorder does not cause seizures but it could have contributed to your agitated state.  The infection may have caused the seizure especially if it was associated with a high fever.  Postictal states (periods after a person has a seizure) can also affect a personís emotional reactions, so that plus your bipolar illness may be the reason why you were violent after you had the seizure.  I would encourage you to make sure that the seizures are under control and that your bipolar illness is being treated appropriately to prevent this from happening in the future. 

Dr Plyler

Published in May, 1011


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