Had Confusion & Disorientation while on Lithium & Lamictal
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Q:  Had Confusion & Disorientation while on Lithium & Lamictal

My new psych doctor put me on 450 mg of litium in addition to 100 mg of lamictal.  I have been taking lamictal for two years now but recently had an episode where I sought new help.  While on the new combo of lithium and lamictal I have had a few bad expeiences of confusion and disorintation.  My doctor said it was just breakthorugh anxiety.  I have never experienced this before and immediately stopped taking the lithium but maintained lamictal at my old level of 200mg. No more confusion but going against doctors advice.  I believe that my doctor does not know enough about the interaction effects or side effects of combining lamictal and lithium. I believe this may have been the cause of the disorintation and confusion.  My lithium blood levels checked out at .3.  Do you think the confusion and disorientation might be breakthru anxiety or do you think there are side effects not known yet by the medical profession regarding combining lamictal and lithium?

Thank you !

The confusion and disorientation is probably secondary to the lithium itself rather than the combination of the lithium and lamictal. These side effects are uncommon with lithium but certainly do happen.  I would encourage you to meet with your psychiatrist to discuss alternatives to the lithium since you have had a recent mood episode not controlled by the lamictal alone. 
Dr Plyler

Published May, 2011


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