Has Pet Paranoias
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 Q:  Has Pet Paranoias

Hello Dr. Plyler,

I'm 31 years old and i have been diagnosed Bipolar II since 18-19. Since then, 2 hipomaniac episodes and 3 depressive and several relapses through the years. Nowadays i live normaly but i need a minimum dose of antidepressants (10mg), otherwise i can easly fall into depression (2 months, 3 tops). The thing is i have these "pet paranoias". Or the dark fantasy that someone (sometimes a specific person) will destroy my life by accusing me of stealing their ideas to produce my own art. This is ridiculous of course, and believe me, i am ashamed for it, these  persons don't have "ideas" or the same ambitions. But i used to talk about my work with them, and of course, they used to talk back.
From time to time i experience these psycothic fears that can destroy my mood for several days. And even get me a depression.
I have therapy sessions, but sometimes, they just don't seem to help. I know when i'm paranoid or not, but there is something so deep inside that keeps me from being well and relaxed. Minor things can trigger my "dark fantasy", my insane fears. Is there a way to get rid of these phantoms without having more drugs?
Thank You


I am concerned about these “pet paranoias”.  They sound like paranoid psychotic symptoms and have a negative effect on your mood.  Also bipolar patients should not be just on antidepressants alone as this causes increased intensity and frequency of mood cycling.  I would strongly recommend talking to your psychiatrist about your psychotic symptoms and your mood.  It is very difficult to treat these “fears” without medication, and they may get worse if left untreated.  You may need to consider being on some sort of antipsychotic mood stabilizer but please discuss this with your psychiatrist. 

Dr. Plyler

Published May, 2011


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