What Can I Do about Trying to Get an Independent Opinion of My Diagnoses?
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Q:  What Can I Do about Trying to Get an Independent Opinion of My Diagnoses?

Hi, since about fifteen my depression kicked in after such trauma of sexual abuse and adoption issues, and after a long period of complete insomnia, causing incessant talking.... I broke down and sent to an adolescent psych unit, where I was diagnosed bi polar affective, but as soon as my care was transferred to adult psychiatry, my. Diagnoses was changed by my new consultant to borderline personality disorder... nine years later with the same diagnoses pd, I have been blocked from hospital admissions, psychiatric services, and most organizations... am being blocked from being. treated by the home treatment team and crisis house. Etc. What can i do about trying to get an independent opinion of my diagnoses?

      I would try to contact an outside, independent psychiatrist in your area that specializes in bipolar disorder and/or borderline personality disorder.  Also you may ask your home treatment team to recommend someone who can do a thorough, independent evaluation to determine which diagnosis is the most appropriate for you.
     Borderline and bipolar are often confused because of some similarities in affective instability and impulse control.  Personality disorders are longstanding patterns of behavior and interaction with society that cause ongoing relational problems.  Bipolar illness is an episodic affective disorder.  A distinguishing feature of borderline is a feeling of emptiness and a fear of abandonment often coupled with self injurious behaviors (cutting, etc.).  This is not often seen in patients with bipolar illness.  The treatments can be similar - psychotherapy combined with appropriate medications, but it is important to have the correct diagnosis to ensure the best possible treatment.
Dr Plyler


 Published August, 2011


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