Hears Voices All the Time
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Q  Hears Voices All the Time

To Whom it May Concern,
I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder back in 2002 and started collecting SSI in 2010. There are relatively no medications that work for me; I hear voices all the time. And more importantly, recently, my symptoms are worsening; they do seem to worsen under stressful situations. The medications I have taken have caused allergic reactions, horrible gastrointestinal problems, and most have made my symptoms worse; I canít even take an anti-depressant for my depression, of any kind, because it throws me into a full blown manic attack. My doctor as a last result attempted to put my on Haldol last summer, but it only worsened my symptoms (it made the voices sound like they were being turned up and down with a warbling sound); I canít even take Clonapin here and there for sleep because it creates such dry mouth that I wake up choking in the middle of the night. Right now I am on Seraquel and that is the only thing that helps me sleep (and is the only thing  Iíve taken that doesnít cause a major problem), but it doesnít help with the voices anymore.
Is there anything new on the market that helps with BPD of my kind, or anything else that might help which would be considered homeopathic; I am really at my wits ends with the disorder. When I am at home most of the time I just sleep anymore, because of the depression and then I donít have to put up with the voices.  


I would first reconsider the diagnosis.  If you have ongoing auditory hallucinations, this is more indicative of a primary psychotic disorder such as schizoaffective disorder.  This probably won't change your difficulties with medications but should be pursued.  As for your medication problems,  I would consider maximizing the Seroquel since you are able to tolerate it.  Sometimes combining an antipsychotic in low dosage with the Seroquel may be helpful.  You may want to try Trilafon or even Clozapine.  Clozapine has to be monitored closely but can be very effective.  For sleep you may want to try Restoril (another benzodiazepine), Trazodone, or possibly Doxepin. As for homeopathic remedies, there are not many that are effective for an illness such as yours, but I would strongly encourage you to consider weekly psychotherapy.

Dr. Plyler


Published August, 2011


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