Constant Headaches on Meds
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Q:  Constant Headaches on Meds

My adult son is also bipolar and been successfully treated for 12 years, 6 months ago is developed constant headaches on his medications. He went off the meds and the headaches went away. His severe depression returned so he went back on the meds and now the constant headaches have returned.

He is hanging on by a thread, he has gone to neurologists, psychiatrists, interns , no help?? He is a professional, barely able to function Should we go to Mayo or John Hopkins?
Please help, advise

I would first try to isolate which medication is causing his headaches. A slow taper of each of his medications, one at a time, in order to determine the problem medication. Also there may be a threshold at which the medication no longer causes the headaches, and a slow taper would be necessary to find that level.
If a particular medication cannot be found, then I would next change out his medication regimen. This has to be done very slowly and carefully though.
You could also have him see someone about treating his headaches. It is better to not have to use more medication to treat side effects but it may be necessary in this case.
As for going to a specialized treatment center, I would recommend the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic in Pittsburgh as well as John Hopkins.
Dr. Plyler

Published August, 2011


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