Son Is Sleeping 14-17 Hours per Day
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Q:  Son Is Sleeping 14-17 Hours per Day

My son is 13 years old and has been diagnoses with early childhood onset bipolar. He is also a child who was prenatally exposed to cocaine and alcohol (not FAS) by his biological mother.He is currently taking 200 mg of lamictal. He took meditate up until Feb when I took him off of it. At the same time his sereqoul was upped to 500 mg because he was not able to sleep. After that he began sleeping 14+ hours. In may, his psychiatric nurse practitioner  reduce the meds to 200mg. His sleep increased up to 20 hours. Missing days of school.  A week ago she took him completely off the sereqoul. He continues to sleep 14-17 hours a day. The only difference now is that when he wakes up, he is truly awake. He is eating and playing with his video games and at times wants to play with his friends. Before  he wasn't even able to get out of bed.

I am concerned about his continuing wanting to sleep. I know 13 year olds need to sleep a lot, But 14-17 hours per day. It is not like he is  staying up late. He goes asleep between 6:30 and 9:30.

Is this normal for a child with bipolar and prenatal drug exposure going through adolescents/growth spurts or is he having a bipolar episode of depression? I want to help him and don't know what to do. please help.



It could be a bipolar depressive episode but it is difficult to tell. Does he complain of a depressed mood?  Is he more irritable? Is this similar to his prior episodes of depression? I would look for more signs of depression beyond the hypersomnia and fatigue. The Seroquel may be having a lingering effect on his energy level and motivation as well.  I would ask why he was on the Medadate and why you took him off of it?  Has he been diagnosed with any attentional problems?  The Medadate would certainly have given him more energy and not being on it may be contributing to his fatigue and hypersomnia.  I would encourage you to speak with his psychiatrist about this to determine what the root cause is.  Even adolescent boys shouldn't be sleeping that much.

Dr. Plyler

Published August, 2011

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