How Can I Convense Him to Get Help ?
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Q:  How Can I Convince Him to Get Help ?

My husband has been dx with bp several years ago... stopped taking his  meds and docs saying there was nothing wrong with him. he makes rash decisons with other woman our money, abusing pain killers and we have had to move out of state several times. I have hung in for 5 years now but I dont understand why he does this to us. this family is falling apart but he thinks its all ok! my 2 kids wont even unpack after this last move. he has been physically abusive to me when I confront him with his cheating and says Im over reacting. and he is confused I wont open up emotionally or physical with him anymore. we have been together since 9th grade and he is my hole world. how can I convince him to get help? and will it really make that big of a difference?? I would really just like an honest opinion. I'm thinking about leaving (again) but I am scared he will hurt me or his self. Thanks for your time.


This is an extremely difficult situation.  I am unsure what your husband's true problems are but he really does need help as soon as possible.  Your family has suffered a great deal already, and you and your children should not stay in that situation if he is being physically abusive.  If you are worried about being hurt,  I would call a local domestic abuse hotline/shelter or see if you can stay with family members.  When you and your children are physically safe, then maybe you could try some family therapy.  It doesn't sound like your husband has much insight into his problems, but the most important issue is you and your children's safety.  After that is secure, you can figure out what the next step should be with the help of trained professionals.

Dr Plyler

November, 2011

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