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Archive by Topic to all Questions and Answers by David Schafer, M.Ed.

This area is a table of contents or archive to all of the responses David has made to visitor's questions by topic or the type of question asked.  For current questions and answers please see the page for the current month..


Coping with Diagnosis
(understanding/acceptance of illness)

What is BP

New Dx & New B/f

New Dx & New B/f- Update   

Bipolar Child - Where to Place?

Bipolar in College

Child RTC Placement?

Afraid I Have Bipolar

Daughter on College Break

Coping Son & Mom

2 New Diagnoses

Suicide History

Daughter's Commitment

Bipolar or Abusive

What to Do?

Bipolar?...No Insurance

Maybe Bipolar?

ADD or Bipolar?


Bipolar or Not?

Psychotic or Delusional?

Where to Start

Mood Swings  (treatment adherence, coping with meds, goal setting & treatment planning)

When Should I Give Up?

How Can I Stop Triggers?

Prozac Psychosis

Refuses Meds

Gone Without Warning

ECT and Then What?

Daily Routine/Structure (activity/exercise level, activities of daily living/self care, appetite & sleep)


Work Environment

Career Trouble?

Disability Extension


Psychotherapy (includes communication skills)

Should I tell My Psychiatrist?

Strange When Stable?



Illness/Death/Stressful Life Events

Impulse Control (includes spending)

Alcohol, Drugs



BP Child in New Home

Bipolar Blame

Not Sick Enough

Hearing Voices

Work or Not?


What Can I Do?

Extended Family

Social Life

Suggestions for Anxiety?

Breakup & Relapse




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