Who is David Schafer?

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David is a warm, supportive person who, through his own experience with Manic Depressive Illness (Bipolar Disorder), has chosen to use his education and skill to try to help others who are struggling to find their way with relationship issues and Bipolar Disorder.  If you have relationship issues pertaining to Bipolar Disorder write to David today.  His reply will appear as soon as possible in his column.  Like all of us here at Bipolar World, David is a volunteer.

I am a New Jersey certified School Psychologist with 25 years experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings working in the areas of developmental disabilities, head injury, physical medicine and rehabilitation, organ transplantation and child and adult psychiatry.

I have also been diagnosed these past 5 years (2000) with manic depression. My wife and two children, whom I can never thank enough, have been with me through the many crises and ups and downs with much love and support.

As with any couple, there have been good times and bad but we are just one example that a "bipolar" relationship can be overwhelming but steady, exhausting but calm, eratic and terrifying, yet healthy and stable. Family members, while they hold considerable power and control, are often the forgotten participants in the bipolar disease process; therefore, it is as critical to help those with the disease as those who are available and willing to help. These are the goals of the "Bipolar Relationships" column.


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