BY: Jillybean

        I have been dxd bipolar 2 for a little over a year now..and what astounds

        me is the negativity people have about bp. I am not talking about the

        ďnormiesĒ as they are called, but the people who actually have bp themselves. Even

        when I was at my lowest point in the darkest place in my life, I held on to the

        thought that there was someone worse off than me out there.


        Someone who had no food to eat, no clothes except the ones on their

        backs, no hose to sleep in. I kept that thought in my mind and I knew that there

        are worse things than being diagnosed bp..I knew that in the grand scheme of

        things, bp rates very low on the illnesses that ruin your life scale. Maybe itís

        just how I look at it, but I have seen my Grandfather shrivel and become a

        shell of a person due to Alzhehiemers, I have seen a good friend die of cancer at

        17. And I know that having bp is nowhere close to either one of those. I know

        that I am damn lucky to have bp as opposed to many other illnesses out there.


        Even with the stress and hell I put my family through when first does not  compare to the pain others have felt..O thers who do NOT have

        bp. I have a roof over my head..I have a husband who loves my..and a child who

        is having his own problems right now. He is only 4 years old and he goes into

        rages and does not kow why. He worries all the time and never forgets things

        others say to him that he disliked. He is already scheduled to see a pdoc the


        To all of you out there that say you canít deal with being bp..imagine

        you are just a little boy who doesnít know why he is so angry or how to stop

        it..we donít knoe if he is bp or not, the dr says there is a whole list of

        possibilities..the thing is..seeing him go through this has put my bipolar disorder

        into perspective for me. He has it worse off than I do now, and he canít even

        communicate why or how he is feeling. I t has made me see that while I have

        bp, bp does not have me..and it never will. I just keep that thought in my 

        head..there is always someone worse off that you out there..and people should feel

        lucky they have somthing that while it cannot be cured, it can be contained.


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