Hello, my name is Lisa,  also known as Lee-Lisa-LeeLee in the BP chat support room. I am a chat operator the first shift on Fridays and Saturdays in the Lounge, and I am known as LeeLee in that room. 

I was born in 1972 at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital in New York because my mom was training there to become a RN. 18 months later my brother Joseph was born. When I was 4 she divorced my Bio-Dad. At the age of 7, I started to feel down. 

At age 16 I was put into a mental ward and put on Prozac and Lithium for 3 solid months. For some god awful reason, my mom (a RN) took me off meds as soon as I got out. Get this - she worked on a Mental Ward in another hospital! I spun out of control. About two months after I got out I told off my parents one night, and packed as much of my stuff as I could and moved to my newest boyfriends house.

I stayed with him for 3 years and drank and did weed as much as I could.  My parents had no idea were I was. I was spiraling and would take pen caps and scratch my arms till they bled. Four years after leaving home my parents found me and asked me to meet them for lunch.

I was then engaged to my present husband Michael.  Of course I'm thinking something's up for my mothers last words to me had been "you will never return here and I will never speak to you again."  My Dad had adopted me at age 4 and was the only father I have ever known.  When I left home he stayed in contact with me the whole time. I have never seen Bio-Dad again. I worked things out with my parents, oh by the way - I'm the oldest of 8 siblings. The others show no signs of BP except my Brother Joseph.. My youngest sibling was born in 1994.

In 1993 I got married and boy was the first year horrible, heck the first six years were horrible. We had our first baby Helene in 1995. Six months into the first pregnancy we moved to Georgia to make a better living so I could stay home with the kids. We had no family in Georgia, they all live in NY and NJ.  I had my son in 1999. My marriage was almost over at our 6 year anniversary when our second child was born.

At age 2 our son Phillip was Diagnosed ADHD and BP. But I refused meds. Until 2 years later at age 4 it was either put him on medication or he would be put into hospital (thatís how bad his BP was). He was put on meds and therapy and put into a special pre-k. He then went on to Kindergarten-transitional kindergarten. He is now in 1st grade -
transitional 1st grade, and all along has been in speech. The rages are awful. We have to hold him in a safety hold. He has gone after many people even to point where the teacher had to remove all the kids but him from classroom, because he was raging so bad. He isn't ready to be put into a normal class. That is why he is in transitional classes too.

My eldest has been diagnosed ADD and Depression with sleep apnea. She too is on medication and was diagnosed in 2003. I have Bipolar Disorder, severe anxiety,  paranoia, and sleep apnea. I'm on some medication cocktail. I had no meds from the time I left home till 3 years ago 2003. I'm a stay at home mom and the Dr. say's I am not allowed to work.

I came to find out my Bio dad was mentally ill. My brother Joseph is mentally ill and he has done some damage to others where he put them in hospital, electrocuted himself, and caused damage to properties. Then on my husbandís side 2 have mental illnesses. My husband is the 2nd oldest of 6 siblings.

So my kids got hit hard from both sides. My son will be turning 7 on Jan 11th 2006. His rages are very rare but gets mad real fast. Teachers and I speak through out the day over computer for he does things that the teachers don't know how to handle. He is in a normal elementary school. I can honestly say he keeps us on our toes 24-7 and some of the things he does are really bad both in school and at home. Many times the Dr has suggested hospital for him but I refuse. I promised him I would NEVER leave him. He and I are very close and help each other all the time. We live in the same horrible BP world together. The ones on the outside don't understand our illnesses.

Helene my soon to be 11 yr old just had huge break through (December 2005).  It took her 6 years to build up and push deep in head her depression. I'm hoping if we work real hard in therapy she can at least come off of her depression meds.

Our last child was born in 2001.  Karalynn is such a joy!  She has some delays especially with speech and she goes to the same special pre-k in the same school that Phillip went to. She shows no signs of the other disorders and is the sweetest kindest little 4 yr old.

My husband was recently put on Lexapro to help deal with Phillip's behavior problems and cycling everyday. At least he is trying!  He tries so hard to learn about Bipolar Disorder.. 

In 2004, for the first time in 12 years I started with the pen cap again. My husband went nuts, and took few days off work to follow me around the house. I got to the point where I wanted to punch him out! I had to explain to him that physical pain sometimes takes away the mental pain.  I haven't done it since and it's now Jan 2006.  

We hardly have support from my side of family but they are trying.  Husbandís side understands but it took a lot to prove to them that 2 out of 3 of our kids had a illness.

I do the best I can. My children are the air I breathe.  My husband is an awesome dad, friend, and husband now.  I guess that is what true LOVE is!  He has also met several BP friends who have come to stay with us and they too helped him to understand. 

I have worked really hard at Bipolar World to become a friend others can trust and to become a OP. This website is my family. I can't wait for you to join us and I hope to meet you soon.



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