I was 20 years old when I entered a institution for help with drug addiction to cocaine and alchol.  Back 
in 1982 not much was known about manic depression so I had no idea about this mental illness at all. When they told me I was Manic and had to take LITHIUM I panicked and ran away from it for 8 yrs.

I continued my addictions until 1990.  I was at wits end and returned for treatment.   Well the next nine years have been one battle after another but by researching it, going to physiotherapy,and trying DIFFERENT ANTIDEPRESSANTS, I am now for the first time stable as I have ever been. I was changed to EPIVAL 2000mg per day and a new drug which my doctor and I believe finally is the right one  for me.   AMEN!  Lamictal.

I started this drug 3 months ago what a change balanced healthy thoughts makes.  I have other illness but when your chemical balance is ok the body does not suffer so much mind over matter. When I look back to episodes I have had in my life it is unbelievable that some of those situations transpired. I truly believe in GOD and the ability to get up every time you may fall.  Do not give up hope!  There is a good book called MOOD SWINGS by RONALD FIEVE. Wonderful information for manic bipolar. I hope this story gets posted
so people can see we can learn to live with it and educate our family members also.

Susan B 

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