Hi I was diagnosed w/ Bipolar disorder when i was 12  before

that i was hospitialized about 20 times..I have been on all

 the  medications you could think 

of, Ritalin,Clonidine,Tegretol,Welbutrin,Lithium,

Clonzapam,Zoloft,Dexedrine,Prozac  etc.I was diagnosed w/ Schizoaffective when i was 17 I am going to be 20 in  April.

I am adopted,My bio mom has Bipolar and my bio  grandmother

hasSchizaphrenia,so I was stuck right in the middle.my life has


rough,Schooling,friends,work.I have been to so many schools I went

to a normal  elementary school,but

was hardly there because i was always in Bradley  Hospital(which is

a hospital

in Rhode Island,where I live)I practically lived  there),I went to

a normal

Junior high for about 6 months,then went to Bradley  school(which

is connected

to Bradley hospital,then I went back to a normal jr.  high,then

back to Bradley

school like 3 times.Then i finally made it to High  school..9th

grade I went

to a Normal public school,then i was having some  trouble so I had


tutoring for about a year.then in 10th and 11th grade I  had to go

to a school that

was for young adults who needed extra help;like 1 on  1 but in a

classroom,Then finally my senior year I went to the high school I

graduated from.My

adopted parents are my angels,at first they didnt know what to

do.I was a miracle

baby.because I died three times when i was born and they  brought

me back to

life.When my adopted parents adopted me,The doctors told them  I

would never be

able to walk or talk,well I showed them,I walk I talk,graduated


school,got my license,have a steady job been out of the hospital

for almost  4

years,have a really great guy in my life,and knows all about my

illness and is  there

for me anythime i need him..But its been rough.I was on 17

medications  last

year,and now i am only on 4 and doing good,not great but good,I

still  get

depressed,but not like i used to,I am now on Zoloft


150mg,Tegretol 200/400mg,and Clonzapam 1mg.I just wanted to E-mail

you and ask  if

maybe you could put my story on your website,because Anything is


People are not alone on this.I mean I am only 19 yrs old and have

been through 

all of this..I hope you will get back to me

Thank you for yout time




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