Benny the Bipolar Puppy  ~ Page 9~


The doctor talked with Mr. and Mrs. Dalmay and Benny and told them that, based on Benny's behaviour over the past weeks and months and his hereditary genes,  he felt that Benny did indeed have Bipolar Disorder.  He explained that it often didn't look the same in children as it did in adults, but that the main features were still there ... the low mood of depression and the hyperactive racing mind of mania.  The doctor told them he was going to give Benny some medicine that would make him feel better and that he would be taking this medicine, Lithium, or one like it for the rest of his life.  Within a few days of beginning the medication Benny started to feel much better, and soon he was able to go home.  He admitted that being in the hospital was really not too bad.

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