What can I read for more information?



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To read more about employment and workers with psychiatric disabilities, you can choose among 2 options:



Click on the article that you would like to read.


bulletThe EEOC and the ADA’s Reasonable Accommodations Mandate
bulletHow Professionals and Managers Use Reasonable Accommodations: Highlights from a National Survey
bulletMental Health Disorders with Workplace Consequences
bullet Reasonable Workplace Accommodations for People with Psychiatric Disabilities



List of Readings

The following list contains printed materials that are employment-focused. Each reference has a summary. Most references are from journal articles or similar publications or books. Pamphlets and other published materials indicate where to obtain them. They are organized into 4 categories:


bulletReadings for Employers - for more practical information relevant to employers
bulletReadings for Consumers - for personal experiences of consumers
bulletReadings for Mental Health Providers - for service providers assisting people with employment and accommodations issues
bulletReadings for Academics - for research and more technical readings

Many of the organizations who publish these materials are also listed in the Where can I go for more information? section .


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