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Bipolar World Video and Audio Files

To view and listen to these files you should have both Windows Media Player and Real Player (Basic) installed on your computer,  Both downloads are free.

Bipolar Disorder Videos

bulletBipolar Disorder: Course of Illness
bullet Behavior and Mood Problems in Children of Bipolar Parents
bulletOverview of Bipolar Disorder - In-depth explanation of causes, types of bipolar, diagnosis and various treatments.
bullet Dark Glasses and Kaleidoscopes: Living with Manic Depression -  allows viewers into the minds of those afflicted with bipolar disorder
bullet "I'm Not Sick! I Don't Need Help!" - Dr. Xavier Amador, explains why the mentally ill can't understand that they're sick, and how family members can help them accept treatment.
bullet Collaborative Care: Patient, Family and Clinician Working Together to Improve Treatment and Quality of Life - Dr. Gary Sachs, Director, Bipolar Research Programs at Massachusetts General Hospital
bullet Bipolar Depression: Course of Illness and Outcome
bullet Rapid-Cycling and Mixed States in Adolescents and the Elderly:
bulletPsychotropic Medication Adherance
bullet Balancing the Benefits and Side Effects of Psychiatric Medications (for the Treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders
bullet People with Bipolar Can and Do Work - two-thirds of people who have bipolar disorder are able to hold a job. - 2004
bullet Course of Bipolar Disorder in Pregnancy
bullet New Treatments in Mania - March, 2003
bullet New Treatment Insights for Bipolar Disorder -  Is it beneficial to use an antidepressant to treat the depressive phase of bipolar?). -May 2002
bullet Step-by-Step Strategies for Enhancing Well-Being: An Introduction to Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (for the Treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders) - Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT)
bullet Looking Toward the Future of Psychiatry: Cutting-Edge Research on Medications

Another Long List of Bipolar Video/Audio Files from Pittsburg University Library

Archives Psychiatry Grand Rounds - Video Files

Bipolar Disorder Videos - Legislation and Advocacy from

Children and Teens

bullet Diagnosis and Treatment of Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents
bullet Misdiagnosing Bipolar Kids
bullet Increasing Number of Kids Being Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder
bullet Day for Night: Recognizing Teenage Depression  teens talk about how depression feels
bullet Treatment of Children with Bipolar Disorder - 5th International Bipolar Conference
bullet Pharmacological Treatments of Children and Adolescents
bullet Risks and Benefits of Psychiatric Medications for Children


Alternate Treatments

The Latest Research on Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Health and Spirituality: Is there a Connection?

The Power of Visualization

The Mind-Body Approach to Health: Stress Management

SAMe, Folate, and Methylation in Mood Disorders

Alternative and Complementary Therapies: Helpful or Harmful?

Fitness For Beginners: Simple Exercises You Can Do at Home

Helping Your Elder Loved One With Home Exercise

Tai Chi: The Dance of Health

An Introduction to Yoga

Yoga as a Complementary Treatment of Depression: Preliminary Findings

Can Needles Heal?

The Uses of Acupuncture

The Future of Acupuncture

Speaking Out About Mental Illness

Kay Redfield Jamison

Ray Guevara on Stigma

Jane Pauley

Susan Panico


Family Issues

John Nash: Misconceptions about Mental Illness


Thanks to Bill Lichtenstein of Lichtenstein Creative Media and The Infinite Mind Series for his support in educating people about brain disorders.  There are many videos to watch on his site.


Reference:                 healthyplace





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