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 Keepers of the Storm
by Diane MacKenzie

This poem was recently included in the book The Bipolar Child by Demitri and Janice Papolos. It was written for all those parents struggling with raising a bipolar child. 

We have watched the seasons change, within a single day,
We've seen their searing heat succumb - to lonely skies of winter's gray.
We have seen their silver lining fade before our eyes,
Clouds with scorched and blackened edges scattered in their skies.

Lightning out of nowhere, storms that rage within.
Dreamscapes filled with terror, nightmares never end.
Heaven lies before them, submerged in fiery flames.
Calling through the silence, we hear them speak our names.

For we are the watchers,
The keepers of the storm.
We have tamed the lightning,
Protecting them from harm
Ever standing sentry,
Holding back the rains,
Sheltering their wearied souls..
From thunder's harsh refrain.
Dams that won't be broken,
We detain the flooding tides.
A vigil left unspoken.
Until the front subsides.

We stand our post unyielding to, the pending hurricanes.
Twisters dance upon their souls, yet we shall bear the pain.
Shouldering the weight for them, when they can fight no more.
Guarding from the tidal waves, that break on peaceful shores.

Fatigue is our companion and, we rest on beds of nails.
The minds' eye ever watchful of, the winds that tell the tale,
Blowing - ever shifting - we shall see the signs again.
For we have learned to listen to the voices of the wind.

For we are the watchers,
The keepers of the storm.
We can tame the lightning,
Shielding them from harm.
Ever standing sentry,
Holding back the rains.
Sheltering their wearied souls,
From thunder's harsh refrains.
Dams that won't be broken.
We will stand the tests of time.
Our vigil is our hope and -
We will see the front subside.

About Diane

I am a poet by nature and a writer at heart....29yo mother of three born in Memphis, TN on Halloween. I love to write...poetry, articles, fiction, the whole shebang. I write for myself and for anyone else who might be interested in my occasionally coherent babble. Enjoy.....

Diane is a talented a gifted writer and her works include many other venues besides Bipolar Children.  She writes for Themestream and her titles can be viewed (and rated!) at the following url...Diane's Articles

Please visit her there.

Diane can be reached by EMAIL



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