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How To Spot Mood Disorder
Understanding Mood Disorders
Madness Revisited
in Bipolar Disorder Articles

BPD & Me

Coping With Stress
Stress and Exercise
Serious Stress

Are You Codependent?

Depression Is A Real Illness

All of the above are in the Bipolar Disorder section

What is Stigma?
Disability Assistance Benefits
in Disability

Med Safety
in the Medication Articles

What is Self Help
Mind Traps - this is an excellent article that shows how one goes about thinking cognitively.
in the Treatment Self Help Section

In addition the Expressions section
has been redone and there are 11 new pages in the inspiration section.  There is also a brand new Humor section filled  with mental health humor we hope you enjoy.

Other articles have also been added - you will find them as you go through the site.


Smoking and Mental Illness by Dan
January 17, 2006

Victims or Perpetrators - Violence in Bipolar - by Graham Brown

Soft Bipolar   An overview - by Graham Brown

Mental Illness and Movies
interesting topic for movie buffs  and advocates of bipolar disorder  being portrayed factually on the big screen -

Bipolar Disorder and Care Giving

Two new pages in the art gallery!

Famous Bipolars
75 short bios and pictures
of famous bipolars

Generic Meds List

Meds & Kidneys

What are Psychotic

Suicide Safety Plan

Bipolar Coping Strategies

Dr. Phelp's Book has been published,  Click to read more, or purchase from this link. 
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Positive Reinforcement and Self Esteem by Ed BiPo
An inspiring article for everyone

New Personal Stories:  

More New Articles!

Measuring the pain

We Ain't Wrong! another humorous
article by Graham Brown

Special Announcement

Meet Our Volunteers
Check out the Photo Album
in the "About Us" Section!!!

Several New Articles in the Suicide Section

What Happened on this Day in History?

An Angel to Watch Over Our Site by Katy Anderson Art

Music Therapy - by Amy Snyder

2006 awards presented to Bipolar World by Graham - What Mood am I in? 
BPW has been awarded the Global Winner 2006 award for its outstanding quality of support to Bipolar Disorder information and support and the Mental Health Jewel Award for its life saving work.
Our SI chat is closed until further notice!  We'll let you know once it's back open.  Thanks.

Benny the Bipolar Puppy
A short story written and illustrated by our founder, Collie Sullivan, to help a child understand at their level what bipolar disorder means.

New Additions to our Forums

Bipolars with Opinions
This new section on the main bipolar forums is one where you'll find opinions on a wide range of topics including news stories, activism, social awareness and environmental issues. Stop in and read what's on peoples' minds, add your opinion too or start a new topic if you like.

The "Bipolar Plus" forums has added a new section for advocacy for when you're faced with the myriad of forms, rules and regulations this society can present. You can join in the discussions of what you have found that helps and also post your rants and raves in which you may need help.

  Click Here for a brief description of the "Bipolar Plus" forums.

Making Peace with Mental Illness
Can it be done?
New from A. Christie

Video Files Bipolar Disorder

Audio Files Bipolar Disorder

BP Songs (7 pages of bp songs
with lyrics)

        Bipolar Specific Newsfeed

Articles from Our Columnists

Song Sung Blue - by Graham

Chain Mail - by Graham

From the Other Side

It's the Little Things

It's all in the Brain

It's the Little Things

A Place of Refuge

My Life as a Butterfly

I ride the line

A Rose by Any Other Name

The absurdities of life


You Okay? by T Lee Heart

We are all Different  by Storm

Look,Act,Sound,Seem  by Storm

The Bipolar Handbook
Click on the book to purchase
Read Collie's Review HERE

A Most Helpful Forum:
When it's Not Only Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is most often an illness that begins in relative youth.  There are many other illnesses, both mental and physical, that can occur at the same time as bipolar disorder.

As a patient ages other chronic illnesses often come into play ... chronic pain, diabetes, and many more.

That is what this board is all about - coping with bipolar PLUS!
Please join us.