Guidelines for Bipolar World Chat Rooms  

The goal of all interactive pages within the Bipolar World community is the comfort and safety of all who choose to participate.  You must be 18 or older to be in any of our chat rooms.  Your chat nick needs to be registered in order to enter the support room at this time.  See the "commands" section below for help in registering and you may use the lounge room to register in.  With all this in mind, the following are the guidelines enforced in the chat rooms.


  1.  Treat each other with respect, including the chat ops,  i.e. as you would like to be treated yourself.  Flaming, hostility or harassment will not be tolerated.

  2.  Every member is entitled to privacy if he/she chooses.  For your own safety, personal/private identifying information should not be shared with anyone you don't know well and trust and definitely not shared in the open chat room.

  3.  While a “light touch” – joking etc is an important part of sharing and support, if someone needs special support please make it a priority. 

  4.  If you are suicidal, please call 1-800-273-TALK or 911.

  5.  Difficult or trigger topics such as self-injury, abuse, alcohol, etc.:  private message the chat operator and let them know you would like to be able to discuss a particular topic.  The chat operator can then poll the room and determine if it's okay.  To learn how to private message, click here.

  6.  Disagreements are permitted…arguments are not.  Use good judgment and be respectful of all.

  7.  No foul language permitted.  An occasional “slip” won’t get you banned but beware of abusing it.  Many people are offended by foul language. 

  8.  Select a nick (not your name) that is in good taste and avoid nick changes.  Changing nicks is confusing to too many people.

  9.  The use of capped letters and colored text will not be tolerated.  Caps are considered shouting and colored text is hard on some people's eyes due to the meds they are on.

10.   Disruptive or obscene topics and discussions will not be tolerated.  These behaviors, which include lurking, idling and itunes will not be tolerated.  

11.  You may chat in the support and the lounge rooms at the same time as long as you chat appropriately in each room and you don't idle in either one for more than 30 minutes.  For those using java, sign into the second room using a variation of the nick you signed into the first room with or you can type in:

                                        /join #channelname        example:    /join #bplounge 

12.  As non-professionals we can not and must not give medical advice including encouraging people to change and/or add a medication etc. 

13.  Use good judgment when you chat.

14.  Your presence in the chat room indicates you have read, accepted and agreed to all of the guidelines as set out on this page.

15.  We reserve the right to remove or ban you from the room for violating any of the above guidelines or for any other behavior which is deemed to be inappropriate for our rooms and the ban can be on a permanent basis.

16.  Be mindful not to engage in controversial subject matter which fuels debate and/or outright arguments.  Examples of this type of subject matter is religion, politics, etc.  Everyone has their own opinions and/or beliefs.  Please be respectful and avoid entering into such discussions.

17.  Finally, we retain the right to update and revise these guidelines as we see fit.


Bipolar World is a privately owned site(s) and is operated strictly by volunteers, which includes the owners and partners. We strive to offer concise and verifiable information about Bipolar Disorder, but we are not professionals. Do not use the information in this web site in any way to replace the advice of the doctor or professional who is caring for you. Always talk to your doctor before changing medications or dosage, or if you experience any serious side effects or questions regarding your health. Do not attempt to diagnose yourself based on the information presented, or attempt to treat yourself.

All interactive areas within the Bipolar World websites operate on a peer to peer basis. The site owners, partners, chat operators and supervisors, forum moderators and supervisors, email group moderators and supervisors, and email responders are all volunteers. None have special training in their area, other than their own personal experience with the illness (and this can vary from one person with bipolar disorder to another), personal education, and empathy for others.

Bipolar World accepts no responsibility for information posted in our chat rooms, forums, email list, or in emails. The opinions expressed in articles within our site are those of the writers, and may not reflect the opinion of Bipolar World. We are not responsible for the content within websites that are linked to or from Bipolar World. We retain the right to reject materials that we feel are inappropriate, or to ban individuals whose behavior is likewise inappropriate within the interactive areas.

All individuals with Bipolar Disorder are welcome within our community at their own discretion and at their own risk. Upon entrance to Bipolar World, and upon use of any of its information and/or interactive areas, you agree to release and hold harmless Bipolar World, it's owners, partners, and all of its volunteer representatives from any and all damages and liabilities that may arise from your participation at our online support site located at

Additional Chat Information

The chat room may be reached by one of three ways. For the flash chat rooms go to Bipolar World Chat Rooms and choose the chat room you want.   Bookmark the bipolar support room at http://www.bipolarworld/Community/bpsupport.htm  and the bipolar lounge at  http://www.bipolarworld/Community/bplounge.htm   For those with a mirc client:  the channel name of the support room is #bipolarworld and the channel name for the bplounge is #bplounge, the server is, and the port number is 6667.  Anyone wishing to obtain a mirc client or a list of commands for mirc see

The chat rooms are open 24 hours a day.  You are free to arrange to meet bipolar friends for a chat at any time.  Operators are in the room according to the schedule posted on the Community Support page

Chat Room Owner:  Allie
Chat Room Manager:  Robert  M. "nomadbob1"

Chat Room Lead OPs:  andie, cowgirlie, JackFlak
Chat Room OPs Team:  drummergirl,
 epic, happymom, mimi_1, and Mrs_Funky

Some simple Chat Room commands:

To register a nick, click here: Register

When the email from HybridIRC comes in, follow the directions in it.


Change the password for your registered nicknametype in:

                            /setpass oldpassword newpassword

Stay in the chat room and watch for the email from HybridIRC. 
Open it and copy the /verify command and the long string of characters and then paste this into the text bar in the chat room and press the enter key on your keyboard.

Private Message someone:  /msg nick your message  or  click twice on the person's nick in the list of chatters and a separate window will open where you may talk privately.

Ignore Someone:  /silence nick      To remove this:  /silence -nick

Quit (Leave) and reason:  /QUIT  reason 

Change your Nickname: /NICK newname 

Away from Keyboard” /AWAY reason - On return,  /AWAY says no longer away

Action Message: /Me followed by action word and statement

 * * * Some Abbreviations you might see used in the room: * * *

AD – Antidepressant

AP – Antipsychotic

BP/BAD – Bipolar Disorder/Bipolar Affective Disorder

BPD – Borderline Personality Disorder

CBT- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

DBT – Dialectal Behavioural Therapy

DID – Dissociative Identity Disorder

DX – Diagnosis/Diagnoses

DXD - Diagnosed

GAD – Generalized Anxiety Disorder

GP – General Practitioner

HX - History

MD – Medical Doctor

MI – Mental Illness

OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

ODD – Oppositional Defiance Disorder

PCP – Primary Care Physician

PD – Panic Disorder

Pdoc – Psychiatrist

PRN – “as needed”

RX – Prescription

SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder

SI – Self-Injury or Suicidal Ideation

SX – Schizophrenia or Symptoms

Tdoc – Therapist/Psychologist


AA – Alcoholics Anonymous

NA – Narcotics Anonymous

GA – Gambling Addict anonymous

NAMI –  National Alliance on Mental Illness

DBSA –  Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance