Blame it on the Bipolar!


When I first started working for a government agency, I was quickly given a good briefing in the ways that all bureaucracies function no matter where you are in the world.
The paramount rule over all others was unwritten, but clearly understood by everyone.  I am sure that you all know it as well.
Rule number one was:  It doesn’t matter how much of a mess you make or how many mistakes you make – as long as there is a way that you can blame it on someone or something else, there is no problem!   Eloquent, simple, and very easy to use no matter whom you are.
Sound familiar?  The wording might be a little different where you live but I am sure that you very well know the sentiment or practice.  And the great thing is that it works any where in life too, not just at work or in a bureaucracy!
Now here are some words of wisdom that I have found to help apply this rule to our Bipolar Disorder.
When you next have one of those great spending sprees and are looking to explain to your partner, bank manager, friend, or family member (just pick the appropriate one).  Just blame it on the Bipolar!
The next time you are irritable and just a plain pain in the butt.  Just blame it on the Bipolar!
The next time that you want to get out of going to visit your mother-in-law, father-in-law, family member (again substitute the appropriate one). Just blame it on the Bipolar!
The next time that you are feeling down and sorry for yourself and you want an excuse to not do anything. Just blame it on the Bipolar!
The next time that you are full of energy and keep everyone around you on his or her toes because they are not sure what you are going to do next.  Just blame it on the Bipolar!
Well, I think you have the idea now for some great excuses, sorry, I really meant to say solutions, to some our life’s challenges suffering from Bipolar disorder. 
Okay, okay, I plead guilty! I have used this rule when I have been just plain ornery or stubborn.  When I really wanted to buy something and I knew that I couldn’t afford it at the moment and didn’t want to wait to get the item.  When I wanted to get out of visiting someone when there was something else that I would really rather do.
But most of all, I guess I have used the rule most of all when I wanted to avoid responsibility for working through my problems and therapy. To avoid the consequences when really my medication is working reasonably well along with the therapy.
Now I am sure that most of you would not even think of using the rule to help yourselves avoid helping the medication and therapy.  Now would you?
For the small minority like myself – remember - Just blame it on the Bipolar!
Graham Brown
6 February 2003

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