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Archive by Topic to all Questions and Answers by Dr. Phelps and Dr. Plyler.

This area is a table of contents or archive to all of the responses Dr. Phelps and Dr. Plyler have made to visitor's questions by topic or the type of question asked.  This archive will be updated at the end of each month or as soon as possible.  For current questions and answers please see the home page for the current months..

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I Have the Symptoms of Bipolar

Having Trouble Being Diagnosed

Diagnose BP w/ Single Interview?

When to Go to the Hospital

When Should I Go to the Hospital?

Bipolar Disorder as a Medical Illness

Having Trouble Getting a Clear Diagnosis

Are These Symptoms Part of a Mood Disorder?

If Lithium Works, You Have Bipolar?

Cognitive Problems or Mood Disturbances as the Deciding Factor in Diagnosing BP?

Misdiagnosed as Bipolar Years Ago?

Do My Symptoms Represent OCD, Pyschosis, or Mood Disorder?

1 Episode 6 Years Ago - Thyroid?

Sleep Disorder or Bipolar Disorder?

Hypersomnia & Bipolar Disorder

Why "Physical" or "Psychiatric" Distinction

Onset of Bipolar - What Age?

Can Bipolar II Become Bipolar I ?

Rapid Cycling or Thin Skin? Treatment?

Literature on this Version of Ultra Rapid Cycling?

Treatment-resistant Bipolar Disorder

Reverse Bipolar?

Can Infection Cause Bipolar Symptoms?

Hypomania is More Constant than Episodic

Delivery Experience & Current Symptoms

Questions re: Blackouts

Blackouts & Anger Explosions - Bipolar Disorder?

Having Rage, Compulsive Repetition,& Other Symptoms

Schizoaffective and/or Bipolar Labels

Diagnosis Keeps Changing: BP II, BPD, IED

Trouble with Sleep-Manic Episode?

Having Sleep Difficulties & Weight

Worst Complaint is Insomnia

Risks of Toughing It Out & Going Sleepless? : What Should I Use for Sleep

Very Deep Emotional Pain

Still Have Mood Swings


Continue to Cycle With or Without Meds?

A Cautionary Tale about Diagnosis (and Wellbutrin)

BP or Antidepressant-induced Mania

"Antidepressant Withdrawal Mania" Phenomenon

How Long Does Mania Triggered by an AD Last?

Concerns re: Wife's Risk of Another Episode

Catatonia- Can the Person Recognize It?

Weightlifting & Manic Episodes

How Does a Manic Phase Typically End...

Symptoms After a Manic Episode

From Mania into Depression

Unhappy & Unenthusiastic about Life

Having Difficulty Functioning

Feeling Very Flat & Exhausted

'Mental or Reading Blocks' & Studying

Would BP Treatment Help Concentration

Response to Lithium & BP Diagnosis

Bipolar Spectrum

Bipolar II w/Mod.Depression & DSM

Should I Be on a Mood Stabilizer

Mixed States & Depression w/Anxiety

Visions & the Full Moon

Alternate Reality

Doc' Asks if Voices I Hear are Male or Female

Delusion or Psychotic Episode

Psychotic Bipolar Depression

Psychosis in Bipolar Disorder

Are These "Voices" I'm Hearing?

Visual Distortions & Continuous Pain

Recurrent Unipolar Depression

Does This Sound Cyclothymic


Is This a Manic or Depressive Phase?

Hypomania or Serotonin Syndrome

Dx'd Bipolar & has Mania Only : Meds

Low Cholesterol & Depression

"Anger" Issue in BP II

Still has Anger Outbursts & Depression

Anger & Is the Med Doing Its Job?

Which of These Diagnoses?

BP, BPD, Thyroid- Trying to Sort It Out

Is This PTSD & What to Do

Could I Have Panic Disorder

Can BP Hide Out in a Different Form like Panic Disorder...?

Triggers & Cycling

Increase in Cycling

Losing Track of Days

Does My Reaction to Zoloft Justify a BP Diagnosis?

Movement Problems & Meds

Experiencing Twitches

Alcohol & Bipolar Symptoms

Breath Odor & Depression

Breath Odor Changes When Cycling

Breath Odor & Ketones

Skin Problems- Possible Thyroid? Any Ideas?

Shingles & Worsening BP Symptoms

Pharmacy Student Has Concerns

Therapist Wants to Help Patient

A Lot is Going On in My Life

Needs Hope & Advice

Please Tell Me What's Going on With Me

Excessive Sleepiness - Cycling


Seems Like No One Can Help

Can't Go to Another Doc'

Have a Serious Problem & Uninsured

Headaches & Bipolar Disorder

Muscle Spasms&Stomach Pain

"Pins & Needles" Feelings

Numbness/Paralysis & Bipolar

Are these Thinking & Movements Problems Related to BP?

What is Wrong & What Can be Done

Thyroid Hormone Levels & Mood Swings

Could a Thyroid Problem Explain His Behavior

Could My Son Have a Sleeping Disorder

Feels Fatiqued & Always Sleepy

Should I Always Have BP Dx

Having a Really Hard Time-What to Do?

What has Thrown Me into This Tailspin...

What Causes This Strange Behavior

What is Going on With Me

Mom is Declining & Doctors are Stumped

Fugue States & Bipolar Disorder

Help w-Fears, Phobias & Anxieties

Further Options for Me?

Is It Hopeless to Try More Meds?

Bipolar & in Denial?

Thoughts on My Dx & Treatment?

Manic Episode Include Harming Valuables?

Tremor & Stigma w-MH Absences

Severe PMS or Bipolar Disorder?

Lyme Disease & Bipolar Disorder

Major Cycle in Nov-Afraid Again

Sadness-Normal Teen or BP?

Is BP a Realistic Dx for Me?

Could I Have a Form of Bipolar

BP II? Meds & Depression?

Depression & Meds - Need Help

Does This Imply BP II

Does This Sound Like BP II

Could My Sister Have Bipolar Disorder

Questions About Hypothymia

May Have BP II - Meds

Bipolar & Fairytale Worlds

Could I Have ADD & Bipolar II

ADD or Bipolar? Meds

Angry About BP Label -Cutting

Waiting for Time to Remove Depressive Phase?

Seem to Be Slowly Getting Better

Will I Always Feel Like This

Am I Getting Worse with Time

On Meds & Having Mood Swings

Do I Need These Additional Meds

Difference in Borderline Personality & BP

Cyclothymia & BP NOS

Seizures & Mood Symptoms

Headaches,BP,Temporal Lobe Seizures

Temporal Lobe Epilepsy or Bipolar?

Worried About What Will Happen...

Panic Disorder- SSRIs, Mood Stabilizers

Bad Temper & Mood Swings

What Can Cause This

Previous BP Diagnosis & New Pdoc

Mood Swings Mean Bipolar Disorder ?

Test to See if I Have BP Disorder?

Bipolar I or Schizoaffective?

Schizoaffective Disorder ?

Is Bipolar the Same as Schizophrenia

BP & Crossing Over Into Schizoaffective?

Bipolar Disorder & Hearing Voices/Internal Dialogue

My Attacks Have Become Greater

Could Ailments be Psychosomatic

Worse on Wellbutrin

BP- Result of a Brain Tumor?

Brain Tumors & BP Behavior

Brain Injury & Bipolar Disorder

Can Head Trauma Trigger Episodes?

Does This Sound Like BP

Could This Look Like BP II?

Can I Be Sure it's BP II? & Lithium

Comparison of BP & Cycloid?

Is My Fiancee Ill

Unipolar Depression? BPII?

Is BPI Worse than BPII

My Diagnosis is Disputed

Differing Opinions on Dx & Which Treatment Course

Questions BP Dx of Many Females

What Could My Mood Cycles Be

Anything Endocrine Related Contributing to Mood Disorder & Weight Loss?

I Seem to Dissociate

I'm Cycling Again

Daughter Manic or Hypomanic

Teenager Asks if Might Be Hypomanic

How Can He be Bipolar

Diagnosed Bipolar at Age 71

Help Understanding Bipolar Diagnosis...

Does Hypomania Imply Bipolar

Hypomania-How Affects Functioning?

Hard Time Controlling Temper

BP-Addictions? Lithium & Blinking

Increased Sexual Activity & BP

Why Reckless & Promiscuous Behavior?

Depression Crash-Depakote?

Son Dx'd ADD,Now Bipolar?

Urinary Problems


What is Bipolar I...

What is Bipolar II

How Does One Get a Diagnosis

Time Guidelines w/Antipsychotics : Techniques You Use in...?

Should My 4 Yr. Old Be Tested

Finding Out if I'm Bipolar

What Would Help Me

Psychotic Symptoms & Treatments

Obsessive, Intrusive Thoughts

What are My Options

Insomnia Still a Problem

Anxiety,Insomnia Related to BP II? Treatment?

Do I Fall in the Bipolar Spectrum

Free from Anxiety Meds? : Types of Bipolar Classifications

Trying to Figure Out What My Disorders Are

Not Much Drive Anymore

Could I Have Alzheimer's

Difference in Feeling Unable to Cope and a MH Problem

Are These "Manic" Phases?

My Mania is Not Going Away

Frequency of Cycling & Bipolar II

Seasonal Pattern With BP II?

Narrowing Down Our Diagnosis and Does Bipolar II Mean Disabled?

Spasms in Arm Haven't Stopped

Ear Popping Associated w/BP?

Can Hypomania Exist by Itself

Bipolar Without the "Poles"?

Bipolar Disorder-Does This Fit?

Slow Metabolism and BPII - Thyroid Related?

Hyperactive Thyroid?

Can a Family Physician Diagnose Bipolar Disorder?

Can Schedule-Environment Changes Be Triggers What to Do

Testing for Bipolar Disorder

Chronic Forgetfulness and Disorganization

What Could My Illness Be?

Hair on the Face Sensation- What Could Be Causing It?

Can Music Cause Suicidal Thoughts

Is It My Personality or BP Disorder?

Gender Identity Problem or Personality Disorder & BP Symptoms

Must-Have Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Paranoia in Bipolar Disorder? Symptoms of BP at Age 4?

Paranoia and Bipolar Disorder

Still Have Symptoms--Meds & Sleepiness

Depressive Episodes & Meds

Depression & Other Med Options

Still Depressed and Have Anxiety

Extremely Depressed & Anxious

Anxiety-Panic Attacks-Neurontin

Depression & Anxiety, Anxiety & Bipolar

Behaviors Caused by BP or by Other Issues

Early Morning Energy & Agitation, Afternoon Depression & Tiredness

Could This be Bipolar Disorder

Does Having Hypomania Mean Bipolar?

Racing Thoughts - "what is really going on inside his thoughts?"

Paranoid Thoughts - What Meds will Help?

Wants Daughter, age 16, to Stop Zoloft

Young Children - Diagnosing Cyclothymia

Finding Out if It's a Mood Disorder

Could Sensitivity to Meds be the Reason for My BP Dx?

Bipolar II or Unipolar

Signs of Bipolar in Early Childhood

What if Diagnosis is Incorrect?

Bipolar and Delusional Jealousy

Depression? Symptoms

Is my wife manic

No Memory of Some Events

ADD misdiagnosed as bipolar

Schizophrenia & BP go Hand in Hand?

Can Head Injury Result in Bipolar Disorder?

Panic/Anxiety Disorder or BP

Social Anxiety & Bipolar

GAD plus Cyclothymia -- or BPII? or Adult ADD?

Night Terrors & Bipolar Disorder - Update

Can My Moods be Leveled Out Without a Mood Stabilizer?

Treatment Resistant Bipolar Disorder

Can Sexual Abuse Cause Bipolar Disorder?

Medications Aren't Stopping My Rapid Cycling

Doctor Questions Soft Bipolar

Soft Bipolar Resurfacing or just Depression?


BP1-BPII - Rapid Cycling

14 - am I bipolar?

Manic Episodes, Alcohol = Bipolar?

Is Bipolar caused by childhood abuse?

16 yr old...Bipolar?

Bipolar Disorder in Older People (mom)

Mind Freeze - Bipolar Disorder

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder - Ten Year Old Child

Is this Bipolar Disorder?

Are Diagnoses of Bipolar in Teens Accurate?

Sexual Activity Result of Bipolar Disorder?

Are sexual impulses result of Bipolar? How to Control?

Is it Bipolar? (Jai)

Mania and Schizoaffective - Teatment?

Bipolar of Scizoaffective - Jessica

How to get diagnosed

How to Know if Diagnosis is Correct

Can Bipolar Disorders Cause Delusions?

Severe seasonal affective disorder

Tangential Bipolar Disorder

Visual hallucinations - Bipolar

Bipolar or Borderline Personality

Borderline or bipolar - Lithiunm?

Borderline personality or Bipolar

Scared "bipolar" after 2 visits. Lithium?

Bipolar III

What to do Next - Julie

Lithium and Can't Sleep for urinating

Rare episodes

Do I need to go to the hospital

Onset of manic symptoms at 61

Does "Bipolar" Equal "Nuts"?

Ultra Rapid Cycling


Unipolar until Celexa

BipolarII, Meds and Weight

Extreme Rapid Cycling

Diagnosing yourself

Meth Use or Bipolar Disorder?

Drugs or bipolar

Depressed after manic phase

Only manic on antidepressant

Stress and cycling

Mixed States

What is Dysphoria?

Emotional Breakdown vs Bipolar Disorder

Bands around head

Meds Failed Me

Medicated and not doing well

Voices in bipolar disorder?

Can Delusions Be Part of BP

Long Term Psychosis

Should I Give Up?

Bipolar Disorder - or Cocaine?

"Seeing" Voices?

Getting diagnosed

Cocaine, Bipolar Disorder, Antisocial

An Update to the Doctor

Research on Bipolar Disorder

Recognizing Irrational Hate in Bipolar

Depression and slurred speech

Hurtful or violent acts

Awareness of illness

Schizoaffective or bipolar

Dissociation and cutting

Questions re: Self-Injury

Alone and cycling

Self Diagnosis

Am I severely depressed

Risk of repeat suicide attempts

Mania is not always Euphoric

I Like Being Manic

Lots of Meds-Hesitant About Trials

Evaluating your own treatment

How quickly to make a diagnosis

Does it get worse over time

Can you or your therapist trigger a manic episode

How many diagnoses

Bipolar disorder being brought on by a brain injury

18 and can't get diagnosed

Memory Problems

Long Term Memory & BP

High blood sugar leads to Bipolar

How do I tell my self diagnosis to the therapist

Bipolar and Taking Things Personal

Hope? Rapid Cycler

Obsessive and depressed

Do I need to go to the hospital

How short a cycle can you have and still be Bipolar


Getting help for people who don't want help

Being Raised by a Bipolar Parent

Giving Advice to Help a Friend in Need

Relationships with Bipolar People

Daughter's Intelligence & Creativity

Will They Ever be Able to Function in Life

How do I Best Respond to a Friend in a Manic Episode

Convincing Him to Seek Help for Psychosis

Mom Questions What Happened to Son

Reader Thanks Dr. Phelps

Trying to Help Elderly Father

BP Mom has Fatigue & Feels Ill

Mom's Diagnosis & Meds

Inappropriate to Call Her Doc'? BP II & Mania & Psychosis

Military Friend Needs to Get Help

How Do I Cope w/ Family

Dating a Person with Multiple Diagnoses

How Do I Deal w/His Mood Swings

Wife Dx'd BP-What Should I Do or Know

Advice for When She's Angry?

Questions Re: Wife's BP Disorder & Meds

BP Brother is in Denial

Doesn't Remember Stealing

Mania & Men Going Astray

Difficulties w-Ex & His Mother

Resources for My Husband

Is Husband's Behavior Treatable

Husbands' Behaviors Normal or BP Related?

BP Husband Having Hallucinations...

Friend's Husband is Acting Strangely

Trying to Keep Marriage Together

What Can I Do to Make Her Realize

Life Events & Sudden Depression

Needs Help Coping w/Mother

Not Sure Brother is Bipolar

Trying to Help Incarcerated Brother

Needs Help for Bipolar Son Who Used Meth

Suggesting Friend Gets Help ASAP?

Child's Behavior: BP Disorder or Learned Behavior?

Son Needs Help...

Son Being Re-assessed...Thoughts?

Best Treatment for 5 Yr. Old?

Son age 9 - BP, Anxiety, OCD

Hyperactive Thyroid?

Daughter's Symptoms Real or Imagined?

Maturity Level is "Off"

Where Else Can I Turn?

Self-harm--What Should I Do

Seeking Info-BP & Young Children

Son's Fear of Thunderstorms

Husband's Insomnia & Libido

Asked About Son Being on Prozac

BP Mom is Drinking

Premature Birth & BP Dx:Neuro. Impairments Mimic BP & or ADHD?

Mom Has Questions Re: BP,Thyroid,OCD, Zyprexa

Trying to Find Clinic for Daughter

Difficulties in Relationships w-Men

Adult Son Dx'd w-Cyclothymia

Meat Based Infant Formula & BP

Childhood Contribute to My BP Ilness?

BP Wife - Money Issues

Teenager Has Questions

Genetic Factors

Worried About Boy I Dated & Myself

School Exams-Having Anxiety

Bipolar Mom-Effects on Child?

Mom Drinks-Abusive to Me

Decline in Mom's Motor Coordination-Meds?

Divorce and Children's Safety

Facility for Sister to Receive Treatment

Daughter Dating Someone with Bipolar

Son, Age 6, has New Doctor

My Son Shows Signs of Bipolar Disorder

No One Will Commit to Actual Dx of My Son

Should We Pamper My Stepbrother?

My Sister Cycles Every Few Days

No Improvement in Sis's Condition

Looking for Info About Bipolar II

How is Bipolar Disorder Dangerous to Others?

Daughter is Out of Med Options

Would Topamax Be Better for My Daughter

Son's Ativan "desire"

Frustrated - I Don't Know Where to Turn

Stops Meds After Home From Hospital

Needs Help and Afraid of Scaring Husband Away

Concern for Children if Mom is Manic

Bipolar Wife Fixates on an Idea

Mom Takes Lithium, 4 Antidepressants and has Paranoia

Son Bipolar, Mom Depressed

Concerned About Wife's Antidepressant

Is Bipolar Disorder Hereditary?

My Sister is Worse, Not Better

Convincing Mom I Need Professional Help

Helping Loved One and Seasonal Cycling

When is Behavior Excusable as Bipolar Related?

What Can We as Family Members Do?

Treatment Resistance in Child

Is there a book that will help children with bipolar disorder?

Child's Alkaline Phosphate Level High?

Son Bipolar and no Mood Stabilizer 

Mucus Caused by Meds in Child

Teaching Aid has Bipolar

Nephew has Schizophrenia 

Wife had hypomania on antidepressant

Bipolar parent and effects on child

Blame it on illness - Still?

How to help - worried father

How much to raise the illness as an issue 

My friend needs to see a doctor

What kind of work is best for son who

Rageful husband

PDD, Autistic, Bipolar Disorder in 7 year old?

How to help a friend

Son at school

ADD and Bipolar

Husband-BP or OCD?

Family Problems from Bipolar Spouse

Bipolar Son and School

Son on Neurontin

Fetal Alcohol Effects

Preparing for divorce

15 year old with ADHD and BP

An SO with bipolar disorder

14 years stable but still estranged

To awe and inspire

Mother bipolar with symptoms

My mothers Medicines

Does my son have bipolar disorder

Bipolar Husband Stops Lithium


Getting sister help when she refuses it

Nit Picky Husband or BPII

10 year old son

Husband has bipolar-will daughter?

How to help son who won't help self

My student-ADHD or Bipolar

My Mother in Law

My husband was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1976

Getting help when he doesn't want help

Convince him to consider theres a problem

Treatment for 70 yr old w/Violent Behavior?


Responsible for Actions While Manic?

Manic daughter-Criminal authorities

Bipolar Disorder & Crime

Cocaine & Bipolar

Can Therapist Share Info w/Pdoc...

Trying to Help Incarcerated Brother

Third Shift Work Detrimental?

BP Diagnosis & Insurance Companies

Claims No Memory of Embezzlement


How to know if psychiatrist is qualified

Different Doctors - Different Diagnosis

Teenager Questios "Shrinks"

How to talk so doctors will listen

Pdoc' Overwhelmed by Family

Rely on psychologist, neurologist, or (heaven forbid) psychiatrist

Finding a psychiatrist

Finding a Pdoc Who Will Take New Patients?

Finding a Psychiatrist-Weight Loss

Finding a Doctor Who Specializes in Bipolar Disorder

Psychiatrists & Pharmaceutical Companies

When's It Time to Change Doctors?

A Doc' Familiar w/BP & Thyroid?

Pdoc in Alberta or Calif... ?

Pdoc' in Western Pa.? & Internet Reading

Colleagues or Contacts in Australia?

Contact in South Africa?

Argumentative psychiatrists


Reader Sends in APA Link

What is the history of bipolar disorder?

Info on History of Bipolar Disorder?

History of BP & 1st Case Recorded

Identical Twins & Mental Health Histories

Internet Chat Rooms & Bipolar Support

Websites for Info on Bipolar Disorder

Mitochondria Genes

Career Guidelines for BP People?

Neuropsychological Testing

The Benefits of Exercise

Bipolar Disorder and Exercise

Third Shift Work Detrimental?

International Travel & Bipolar Disorder

Relationships with Bipolar People

Proving BP Disorder to My Insurance Co.

BP Diagnosis & Insurance Companies

What Brain Area is Involved in the Physical Cause of BP?

What is the Neurochemical Basis of Mania?

PET Scan & Bipolar Disorder

EEG & Immature Alpha Waves

Alpha Intrusion & Bipolar Disorder

Can a Person See Their Mood Swings Coming?

Manic States & a Person's Recall of Them

Do Bipolars Remember What They Said/Did During an Episode

Are People w/BPD Aware of Their Actions

Schizophrenogenic Mother Debate?

Bipolar Disorder & the Full Moon

Can Seratonin Be Replaced After It's Depleted

Percentage of BP People Who Self-medicate?

Percent of Suicide Attempts Due to BP?

Broadening of the Bipolar Spectrum?

Is Schizoaffective a Real Disease

Help to stop Smoking?

Is taking an academic vacation every few weeks part of the disease?

Is there a Best Bipolar Hospital? Truehope?

Hair pulling is called

Can Meningococcal infection cause bipolar

Convincing Others I Have BP

Sensitivity to sounds

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Ion Influx & Bipolar Disorder

Help to pay for meds

Aspartame and bipolar

Aspartame & Effects on BP

Light, Art and Tegretol

Shellfish & Bipolar Disorder

Diets and bipolar disorder

Ketogenic Diet & Bipolar Disorder

Physiology of Salt Cravings

Weight Loss-Fasting and Axid

Fasting & Bipolar Disorder

Electromagnetic waves and bipolar

Venous Thromboemboli

Technology to Assist in Med' Selection?

Illustration Source

Donating Brain to Medical Research


Eligible for Disability Benefits?

Diagnosis & Ability to Work Again

Counseling for Rest of Our Lives?

Medications for the Rest of Your Life?

BP Girlfriend & Her Future

Career Guidelines for BP People

Worrying about His Employability

Manic Episode Every 10-15 Years

BP w/Psychosis-Prognosis?

Overcoming Bipolar I Disorder

Long Term Aspects of Bipolar

Can Bipolar II Become Bipolar I ?

Is It Possible to 'Grow Out' of BP

Range of Remission in BPI & BPII

Pharmacist asks Questions 

Bipolar Worse with Time - Expected?

Am I Getting Worse with Time

Cure worse than the disease

Med's Killing Mom?


Treatments other than Meds

The Benefits of Exercise

Is therapy needed too

Treatment Alternatives?

Psychotherapy & Nutritional Support

Therapy & Bipolar II : AD's & Depressive Episodes : Tiagabine (Gabatril)

BP Symptoms Mediated by Therapy?


Has rTMS Been Approved?

VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulation)


Hypnosis as a Bipolar Treatment?

Meditation & Bipolar Disorder

ECT Controversy and Interpretation

ECT & Memory

ECT & rTMS & Magnetic Seizure Therapy

Questions re: ECT

Late-life Onset of BP & Nothing has been Effective

Using Humor as a Medicine

Natural Remedies & Acute Insomnia

Would Light Therapy Help Me

Light therapy in bipolar disorder

Dark Therapy & Bipolar Disorder

Dark Therapy & Non-prescription Treatments

Chiropractic Treatment and Mood Disorders

Are Diet & Exercise Enough


Lithium and Depakote
(valproic acid)

Always start with lithium or Depakote

Differences in the Forms of Lithium

Help for tremor

TSH Levels and Lithium

Lithium- Blood Tests & Interpreting TSH Levels

Concerned about Lithium & TSH Level

Thyroid Levels & Lithium

What is the therapeutic range for lithium?

Lithium in Therapeutic Range & Episodes:Lithium & Semen

Is There Day to Day Kindling in Hypomania?How Long to Wait before Increasing LithiumZyprexa & TD Risks

Lithium Toxicity & Long Term Effects

Lithium Toxicity & Permanent Brain Changes

Could Long-term Lithium Use be Causing This?

Relationship of Lithium, Salt & Loss of Body Fluids

Metabolic Changes & Lithium

Concerns About Lithium

Son's Lithium Level

Duralith Not as Effective Now?

Missed Lithium Dose for 4 Days

Delusions or Hallucinations & Missed Lithium Dose

Chances of Relapse if Stop Lithium?

Dangers of Going Off Seroquel & Lithium Cold Turkey?

Is Lithium as Effective 2nd Time

Lithium-Problems Having Children?

Peripheral Neuropathy & Lithium

Rapid Cycling & Lithium

Can Lithium Increase Cycling?

Long term use of lithium & antidepressants

Lithium & Iron Supplements

18 yr old - normal lithium & depakote levels?

Lithium Levels in Healthy People?

Effects of Lithium in a Person w/o BP

Lithium & Hypothyroidism

Excess Hair Growth (Hirsutism) & Lithium/Topamax

Lithium & Hair Loss

Lithium & Athletic Performance

Lithium & Negative Thinking

Is This Common w/ Lithium

Lithium & Topamax Together?

Gabapentin & Lithium as a Med Combo

Lithium & Sexual Function

Eskalith Dose & Sexual Dysfunction

Feeling Worse on Lithium

Favorite Form of Lithium & Trazadone

Can Lithium Cause Anxiety?

Lithium in an 8 year Old?

Lithium,ion,cramps,weight gain

Lithium and Weight

Lithium & Weight Gain

Questions re: Lithium & Weight Gain & Thyroid

Hypoglycemia & Lithium

Lithium & Odd Taste/Smell of Dairy Products

Valproic acid & Sodium valproate

Depakote ER

Depakene & Depacon

Time Release (Depot) Option for Depakote & Zyprexa?

Depakote & Metabolism : Abilify

Amt of Depakote to Stabilize Mood

Depakote Dose: Go by Symptoms or Lab Values?

Higher Risk of White Blood Cell Problems?

Depakote & Rapid Cycling

Depakote & Relapse in Bipolar Disorder

Questions re: Depakote

Depakote & Weight Gain

Depakote-Appetite-Weight Gain

How Long on Depakote

Depakote & Tianeptine

When Will My Hair Grow Back

Questions About Valproate

Depakote & Kidney Stones

Depakote ER & Liver Pain

Depakote & Liver Problems

L-carnitine & Liver Irritation from Depakote ER

Can Depakote Cause Diabetes II?

Son's Depakote Level was High

Depakote and Trazadone not Helping

Depakote, Effexor and Adderal

Weight and bipolar- interaction

Combining Depakote and Neurontin

Depakote/Lamotrigine Interaction

Worse at first on Depakote

Depakote & Gastritis

Liver Function Tests, Epilim, Alcohol

Epilim, Lamictal & Metabolizing Alcohol

Abnormal for Child, age 4, to Take Depakote?

Depakote and/or Lithium & Red Bumps

Acne from Depakote or Stress?

Depakote and Low Blood Pressure

Depakote and Pregnancy

What other medication options

New and old solutions

Pharmacist asks Questions 

Putting up with side effects


Topiramate and Lamictal

Lamictal & Stevens-johnson Syndrome

Lamictal Reaction Alert!

Is the Rash Stevens-Johnson Syndrome?

Retrying Lamictal Advisable?

Tatoos & Mood Stabilizers:Lamictal & Watching for a Rash

Lamictal & High Doses

Does Lamictal Lose Its Effectiveness in Some People?

Lamictal & Bone Loss

Lamictal & Cold Sores

Lamictal - Having Side Effects

Symptoms & Lamictal Dose

Long Term Consequences of Taking Lamictal?

Effective Dosage of Lamictal & an AD

Taking Lamictal for Migraines

Lamictal & Short Term Memory:Long Term Memory & BP

Lamictal & Hair Loss

Lamotrigine Appropriate Substitute?

Lamictin & Hypomania,Thyroid,Exercise

Lamictin & Feeling Disassociated...

Lamictal & Emotional Numbness

Lamictal & Manic Psychosis

Lamictal & Painful Lymph Nodes

Lamotrigine & Nodules?

Lamictal & Myopia

 Lamictal & Sexual Function

Questions re: Lamictal

Questions re. Lamictal & Possible BP

Lamictal & a Paled Face

Lamictal, Physostigmine, Norepinephrine

Lamictal & Suicidal

Benefits of Lamictal Outweigh Side Effects?

Epilim, Lamictal & Metabolizing Alcohol

Update on Lamictal & Melanin Binding

Topomax & Dosage Increases

Pill Cutting w-Topamax

Decreasing Topamax

Does Topamax Lower Blood Pressure

Topomax Dosage Worries Me

Side Effects of Topamax

Topamax - Having Side Efffects

Can Topomax Act Like a Diurectic?

Confused Thinking from Topomax & Risperdal

Topamax & Hallucinations : Pill Cutting w/Topamax


Excess Hair Growth (Hirsutism) & Lithium/Topamax

Topamax-Stimulants-Raging Anxiety

Lithium & Topamax Together?

Topamax, Neurontin and Lamictal

Topamax Effective Replacementfor Lithium? Weight Gain?

Topamax for Weight Loss and Sleep?

Can topomax alone keep my mood stable?

Topamax and Pain

Can Topomax Cause Bruising ...?

Will Topomax treat panic symptoms

How fast to increase Topomax

How to set the dose for Topomax

Is Topomax Dose Too High

Does Topamax work

Topiramate and Kidney Stones

A 3-Part Question

Medications and Weight

Topiramate and Death

Topomax an option for weight gain

25mg Topomax good but too much

Topomax & Lessened Alcohol Cravings

Topamax & Seizures After Alcohol



Coming off Neurontin and Upset Stomach


Neurontin for Back & Brain Issues

1) Neurontin & Seizures 2) Learning Disabilities & Bipolar

Neurontin as a Mood Stabilizer?

Is Neurontin alone effective?

Neurontin as only mood stabilizer

Neurontin, Seroquel and Suicidal

Seroquel & Neurontin Together?



Antidepressants in Bipolar Disorder

Are Antidepressants Addictive?

Antidepressants & "Activation"

What Antidepressant is Least Likely to Cause Mania

ADs w/Low Risk of Inducing Mania?

Antidepressants- Withdrawal & Hypomania

Bipolar Spectrum & Antidepressants

MAOI's & Lamictal

Antidepressants-What Do I Do

Antidepressants and Hypomanic Symptoms

Mixed States and Antidepressants

Voices & Antidepressants

Taking Effexor Yet Having Withdrawal Symptoms?

Tianeptine & Depakote

Paxil Studies? Link to Mania or BP?

Length of Cycling after Paxil is Dc'd?

Paxil & Jumbled Thoughts, Spaciness

Less Weight Gain w/Paxil or Paxil CR?

 Prozac & Anxiety

Worse on Wellbutrin

Wellbutrin Good Choice...?

Wellbutrin & Blood Sugar Levels

Wellbutrin Best AD for Bipolar Disorder?

Akathisia After Wellbutrin

Wellbutrin; Movement Disorders & Psychosis

Depression, Wellbutrin, Bipolar

A Cautionary Tale about Diagnosis (and Wellbutrin)

BPI plus OCD - Which Antidepressant?

Pattern of Antidepressant Use in Bipolar Disorder

Hypomania with antidepressants

What to do when antidepressants make it worse


Reaction to SSRI

Trazodone & Bipolar Disorder

Trazodone&What Should I Do

Trazadone-How to Stop It?

Trazadone and Sleeplessness

Trazodone & Favorite Form of Lithium

Hyper on Prozac

Prozac - Having Side Effects

Bipolar, OCD, Antidepressants

Tried to Discontinue Zispin

Discontinuing Effexor XR

Zoloft & Effexor Together?


Other Medications

Abilify : Depakote & Metabolism

Doc' Wants Her to Try Abilify


Strattera, Wellbutrin, & Bipolar


Meridia : Carnitine

Phenergan & Chlorpheniramine

Mirapex (pramipexole)

Risks With Tegretol?

Tegretol & Medical Alert Bracelets

Carbamazepine & Menstrual Cycle

Can Tegretol Make Someone Depressed?

Antipsychotics & Bipolar Disorder


Adderal & Bipolar Disorder

Ativan as an Anti-manic Drug?

Klonopin & Bipolar Disorder

Klonopin & Moclobemide

Long-term Effects of Benzodiazepines & Dementia

Information on Geodon?

Geodon & Bipolar Disorder

Update on Experiences w/Geodon

Comments About Geodon

Skin Condition - Gabapentin?

Gabapentin & Breast Cancer

Trileptal Dosing

Minimum Dosages of Trileptal?

Trileptal & Statistics re. SJS or TEN ?

Trileptal & Red Blood Count

Does Trileptal Cause Weight Gain

Trileptal-Manic Episodes-Appetite Control

Depression after Starting Trileptal?

Trileptal & Depression

Sexual Dysfunction w/Trileptal?

Trileptal & Thinning Hair?

Oxcarbazepine & Numbing Around Mouth, Lips


Sleep Apnea & Keppra

Wonders about Keppra for 12 Year Old

Zyprexa & Under 18

Zyprexa Withdrawal

Zyprexa - Scared of Weight Gain

Time Release (Depot) Option for Depakote & Zyprexa?

Is Zyprexa a Long-term Treatment for Me?

Zprexa Zydis & Weight Reduction

Zyprexa & Pre-existing Diabetes

Celexa, Geodon-Right for Me?


Long-Term Safety of Seroquel

Seroquel & Hypomania?

Seroquel & Orthostatic Hypotension

Seroquel- Insomnia & Alcohol Desire

Seroquel & Diabetes : Levodopa & Bipolar

Seroquel-"Mood Stabilizer" Effects? Obsessive

Seroquel, Prozac & Unable to Cry

Dangers of Going Off Seroquel & Lithium Cold Turkey?

Risperdal/Seroquel Combo as a Mood Stabilizer?

Risperdal & Irritability/Rages

Friend Fearful of Taking Seroquel

Could This be From Seroquel?

Seroquel & Neurontin Together?

How Should Seroquel be Discontinued

Olanzapine - Any "Withdrawal"?

Atypical Neuroleptics

Trileptal & Allergic Reaction? Hyponatremia?

Reaction to Trileptal & Topamax

Trileptal and Bipolar Disorder


Trileptal & Daughter's Irritability

Photosensitivity & Trileptal

Med - VML 251

Is Dexedrine Useful in Treating Bipolar Symptoms?


Obsession to shout on olanzapine


Prednisone Pack & Risk/Benefit

Risperdal/Seroquel Combo as a Mood Stabilizer?

Risperdal Consta

Risperdal -Risks of TD & Breast Cancer?

Use of Risperidal

Risperdal & Feeling Anxious

Olanzapine versus risperidone in bipolar disorder

Zonegran As a Mood Stabilizer?

Human Growth Hormone

Steroid Nasal Sprays & Bipolar:Is BP a Realistic Dx for Me?

Xanax & Nighttime Dose?


Medication Related

Shelf Life & Storage of Psychiatric Meds

Are mood stabilizers "habit-forming"?

The Brain & Effects of Missing Meds

Is Med Resistant Bipolar Possible?

Mood Stabilzers & People Who Aren't BP

References to Meds that May Help?

Does Skipping a Day of Meds Effect Me?

"Smart Drugs" & Cottonhead Thoughts

Putting up with side effects

Asian Heritage & Med Sensitivity?

Having Withdrawals-What Can I Do?

How Long B4 Trying a New Med?

Stability at Lower Med Doses?

Meds & Single Daily Dosing : Antipsychotic First or more Mood Stabilizer?

Effectiveness of a Med & Number of Times it's Tried?

Stability & OTC Meds/Other Health Issues

Slower Physically & Mentally - Side Effect?

Which Med Would Be Best

If Lithium Doesn't Work as a Monotherapy?If Sleepy on Current Regime, then Overmedicated?Should I Try Provigil?

Number of Meds I Take

How Common is Being on 4 Meds?

Excessive Amount of Meds?

Too Much Medication for This Child?

Are These Meds Working Against Each Other

Do These Meds Lose Effectiveness

Why Are the Same Meds Not Working This Time?

Sundowning :Medrol dose pack & Manic Symptoms

Bath Salts w/Lithium & Bipolar

Med Resistant to Lithium & Nardil?

Can BP Meds Cause Brain Damage?

Edema & BP Meds

Problems with Edema & Hypertension

Dentistry & Pain Meds

Meds & Feeling "Flat"

Feels Like is Losing Control

My Daze is Lasting Longer & Longer

Might Someone Who Isn't BP, Get Worse on These Meds?

Spasms & Pain Becoming Unbearable

Meds, Manic Phase, Illicit Drugs

Mixed States & Mood Stabilizers

Drug-induced Photosensitivity

Daughter's Intelligence & Creativity

ITP & BP Meds

Sister's Meds

Provigil, Other Drugs or Early Mental Patient Retirement

Questions re: Abilify, Treatment Plan, Anxiety

Treatment Plan for Son Away at School

Running Out of Options- Stimulants?

Meds Least Likely to Affect the Liver?

Liver Function Tests, Epilim, Alcohol

Is Husband's "Dimming" Due to Meds

Husband's Meds

Meds Without These Side Effects?

Any Thing Else with Less Side Effects?

Kidney Stones & Antidepressants

Lupus & Medications for Bipolar

Neuropathy Treatment & Induced Cycling

Swollen Lymph Nodes & Meds

Tatoo Swelling & BP Meds

Reaction to Meds - Try Lamictal Again?

Would Lamictal be Helpful?

Lamictal & Suicidal

Changing from Lamotrigine to Lithium

Movement Problems & Meds

Urge Incontinence & Meds

Meds & Inability to Concentrate

Can Depressive Triggers be Controlled with Medication?

AD's & Depressive Episodes : Tiagabine (Gabatril) : Therapy & Bipolar II

AD's & "Holes in the Brain" & Dementia

Do BP Meds Initially Worsen Moods?

Became Worse After a Med Change

New Med & Mood Swings Increased

Mood Stabilizers & Depression

Concerned about Mother's Depression & Meds

Feeling Numb, a Bit Too Depressed & On Meds

Mood Stabilizer While Using ECT?

BP II , Mood Stabilizers & Hyponatremia

Will the Meds Do Anything to Me

Meds & If a Person was Misdiagnosed Bipolar...

Meds & Sleepiness--Still Have Symptoms

Daughter's Meds, age 9

Girlfriend's Meds-Suggestion?

What Other Meds Might Work

Concerned about Clopixol Injections

Neurontin & Risperdal vs. Alternative Treatments

Zyprexa & Son's Medical History

Wife Takes Trileptal-Other Meds?

Is Trileptal a Safe Option for Son

Zoloft & Meds Changed to Lithium

Withdraw from Xanax & Substitute More Trileptal?

Symptoms After Stopping Celexa & Trileptal

Clinical Trials & Rapid Cycling

Clinical Trials-Treatment w-Thyroid Hormones?

Hepatitis C & Lithium - Options

Behavior Due to Bipolar or Hep C Meds?

Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome

Does Serotonin Affect Insulin Levels & Do Psych Meds Contribute?

Upset Stomach & Serotonin Levels

MS & Bipolar - Meds

Asked Pdocs About Selegiline,Lamotrigine...

MAOIs & Amphetamine Abuse

Can't Seem to Find the Right Meds

Too Many Meds? None Seem to Work

Which of These Meds?

Meds & Sexuality

Interaction Problem w-Premarin...&My Meds?

Treatment for Severe Social Phobia

Progesterone in the Treatment of BP

Testosterone & Treatment Plan

Have Anxiety Disorders & Meds

Questions re: Treatments for BP

Treatment Plan Questions

Opinion of Treatment Plan & Dosages?

Requests Opinion of Treatment Plan

Treatment Plan w/ 3 Different Antidepressants?

Treatment Plan & Zyprexa

Problem Behavior & Depakote Levels or Need for Med Change?

Lab Work Before Starting Meds?

Variance of Lab Results

Truehope?Thyroid Hormones-Age 14?

Meds to Lower TSH Level? & Update

T3 & T4 Meds

Response Time & T3

T3/T4 Appropriate for a Child...?

Thyroid;Necessary Tests? Mood Stabilizers

Thyroid Meds & Schizoaffective Disorder : Thyroid Meds & Losing Weight

Friend Was Being Treated for Hypothyroidism

Manic Episode after Surgery & Hydrocodone

Ritalin Keeps Me on the Manic Side

BP Partner Had Steroid Injections...


Can Stimulants be a Destabilizing Influence?

Started a Mood Stabilizer & Wants to Stop the Benzodiazepine

Amphetamines for Treatment of Depression ?

Treatment for Dysthymia & Soft Cycling?

Treatment Choices for Those w/One Kidney

Ideas for Treating Rapid Cycling?

Hydrocortisone & BP

Controlling Bipolar-Purely Chemical?

13 Yr.Old's 8 lb Weight Gain & Meds

Meds & Diabetes

Weight Gain & Diabetes & Bipolar Disorder

Coping w/Weight Gain : Risperdal & Continued Mood Swings

Meds, Weight Gain & Metabolism

Meds & Weight : Meds for BP II?

Med w/o Weight Gain for Me?

Wants Med w/Weight Loss Side Effects

Can These Meds Cause Weight Loss?

What Diet Pill With My Meds

Diet Supplement or Pill for Weight Loss

Metformin & Weight Control

Weight Gain & Meds

Wean off Meds While Cycling?

Going to Try Life w/o Risperdal

Chances of Success w/Going Off Meds ?

This Regimen for Rest of My Life? Meds-Weight Gain

2 Episodes, 6 Yrs. & Still Taking Lithium

Safe Way to Go Off or Reduce Meds?

Re: Wife's Treatment Plan & Zoloft

Any chance I could get back down to just the Effexor, or is my brain permanently changed?Any ideas for countering the spaciness?

Zoloft is Failing-What Do I Do?

Prozac Isn't Working-Suggestions?

Paxil Proper Med for Husband?

Sexual Dysfunction & Psych Meds

Ejaculatory Dysfunction w/Trileptal & Depakote?

Anorgasmia & Meds

Prolactemia & Erectile Dysfunction w/ These Meds?

Having Med Changes-Need Help

Will I Always Have to Take These Meds?

Wife Considering Stopping Meds

What Meds to Try Next

Should I Try Alternatives to Topomax?

Going On and Off Meds

Can Atypical Antipsychotics Induce Mania

Psychotic Episode from a Bad Cocktail?

Paranoid Thoughts - What Meds will Help?

Voices Aren't Affected by the Meds

Will Depakote Deal with These Thoughts...

Is This Common w/Antipsychotics

Antipsychotics-Having Side Effects

Time Guidelines w/Antipsychotics : Techniques You Use in...?

Medication to Control Her Mania?

Treatment for Dysphoric Manias

Rapid Cycling & Meds

Mood Stabilizer Options

Current Meds Keep Me Stable?

Immunity to Meds Developed?

Narcotic Meds & BP Treatment

Narcotic Withdrawal

Narcotic Pain Meds & Depression

Med to Treat BP & Cocaine Cravings?

Bipolar, Alcohol and Young People

Meds, Weight, Not Doing Well

Is there a med for BP that won't cause weight gain?

Weight Gain, Exercise & Glucophage

Napping and Appetite Increase

Meds to Help with My Motivation

Medication Changes to Recover Energy

Where to find Energy on Meds

Medication, Weight Gain and Exercise

Options for Losing/Controlling Weight?

Medications show up on drug screens-Social Stigma?

Jumpy on meds, or Hypothyroid, or Both?

Headaches, Sweats, Tiredness,...& Meds

Switch from lithium to Bach Flower

Can These Supplements Trigger a Manic Episode?

Meds and Blood Cell Counts

Methadone & BP Meds

Meds and Alcohol

What to do when medications aren't helping

Medications for the Rest of Your Life

Li-zyme, Lithium and Other Alternative Approaches


Non Prescription Drugs

Current Research on Fish Oil?

Fish Oil, Vitamins and Therapy

Serenity™ Lithium Orotate

TrueHope - EM Power Plus

Synergy Study

Synergy Company Treatment

Truehope?Thyroid Hormones-Age 14?

Hepatitis C & Truehope Supplement

Lithium Orotate-Doc Wants Proof It Works

How frequent is drug use like amphetamine

Alcohol & Bipolar Symptoms

Negative Experiences w-Cannabis

Marijuana & Eskalith 

What effect does marijuana have on BP

Marjiuana Affect Her Meds?

Marijuana and bipolar meds

Marijuana a mood stabilizer?

Marijuana and Bipolar Disorder

Mood Stabilizers or Cannabis?

Marijuana & the Biological Clock

Cocaine & Bipolar

Herbs but not medications


Of Vitamin Treatment



SAM-e & Tryptophan Together?

L-tryptophan for Bipolar Disorder

Carnitine : Meridia

L-carnitine & Mania?

Vitamin-Mineral Supplements

Orthomolecular Psychiatry & Treatment w/ Amino Acids & Nutrients

Women and Bipolar Disorder

BC Pills-Hormones-Lithium Side Effects

BC Pills Dc'd & Hypomanic Symptoms

Interaction Problem w-Premarin...&My Meds?

Birth Control Pills & Mood Stabilizers

Tegretol & Birth Control Pills

Meds & Conception

Meds & 1st Trimester

Meds During Pregnancy

Questions Related to Pregnancy & My Meds

BP II,CFS & Pregnancy

Breastfeeding & Postpartum Depression

BP Disorder & Planning for a Pregnancy

Meds & False Negative Pregnancy Test

Meds While Trying to Conceive

Fertility & Risk to Baby when the Father is Taking Meds

Meds While Breastfeeding

Antipsychotics & Breastfeeding

Topamax & Breastfeeding


Have Not Become Pregnant-Meds

Mood Stabilizers and Pregnancy

Depakote/Zyprexa & Pregnancy Tests

Lamictal & Pregnancy

Questions re. Lamictal & Pregnancy

Geodon, Lamictal, Zoloft & Pregnancy

Medications and Breastfeeding

Cocaine in Pregnancy and Bipolar Child

Gestational Diabetes Testing & BP Symptoms

Lithium-Menstrual Cycle

Pregnancy: Starting Epilim & Concerns

Carbamazepine & Menstrual Cycle

Pregnancy and Depakote

Pregnancy & Concerns re: Depakote

Seroxat and Seroquel & Pregnancy

Pregnancy: Tegretol & Zyprexa


Menstrual Cycle and Mood

Menstrual Cycle & Mood Changes

Woman's Menses & Mate's Mood Cycling

Treating PMDD & Bipolar

Episodes Coincide w/ Menstrual Cycle

Perimenopause & BP

Perimenopause & Bipolar

Menopause worsening Bipolar symptoms

New Symptoms from Hormonal Changes?

Will my medications or the disorder harm my baby

Daughter's Meds & her Unborn Child

Will Pregnancy Increase My Risk of BP

Bipolar disorder and pregnancy

PCOS & BP/Mood Symptoms- Update

Polycystic ovarian syndrome and bipolar symptoms

PCOS & Treatments for BP

PCOS & Topomax

PCOS and Bipolar Disorder

Will Treating PCOS Help Bipolar Disorder

Relationship between SSRI's & PCOS/Increased Insulin?

Could Hormonal Factors Have kept Me in Remission?

Hormone replacement, Depression and Bipolar

Hormone replacement and mood

How could a pregnancy throw me so out of whack that I need all these new meds?

Worse after pregnancy

Post-Partum Manic Episode

Hysterectomy and cycling

Pregnancy in women with bipolar disorder

Birth control pills and bipolar symptoms

PMS & Mood Changes

BP & PMS - Specialists?

Can a hysterectomy make bipolar stop

Complex symptoms and pregnant

Breast feeding and bipolar medications

Onset after stopping birth control

Does BPII cause menstrual cycle changes

Long story-Worse at Menopause

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Bipolar symptoms

Can Bipolar Disorder and PMS be Confused?

Gabapentin & Breast Cancer

Breast Implant Studies Participation

Concurrent Issues/Disorders

Thyroid Treatment Approaches

Thyroid & Bipolar Disorder

Relationship of CFS, Thyroid and Bipolar Disorder

Input on BP & Thyroid Dysfunction

Article Re: Bipolar Disorder & Thyroid

BPI, BPII & Success of Thyroid

Wilson's Thyroid Syndrome

Update on Wilson's Thyroid Syndrome

BP Meds & Dialysis

Anxiety Disorders & Meds

Panic Attacks with Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia : Difficulty Reading

Managing BP II & Panic Disorder

Sexual Dysfunction and Bipolar Disorder

Body Pain & Bipolar Disorder

Dual Diagnosis & VA

Bipolar & Alcohol - Parallel Course?

How Does Active Alcoholism Affect Diagnosis & Treatment of BP

Drug Addiction Relapses & Accountability:Does BP Cause the Relapses?

Can Surgery Trigger Episodes

Surgery-Trigger for Autoimmune Change?

Anesthesia & Bipolar Disorder

Manic Episode after Surgery & Hydrocodone

Thank You Dr. Phelps

Dissociative Identity Disorder & BP

Autism & Bipolar Disorder

Autism and Bipolar Disorder - Connection?

Bipolar and ADD??

Role Sleep Deficit has in BP

Helping Loved One and Seasonal Cycling

Cyclothymia, Eating Disorder, Mercury Poisoning

Hypothyroid and Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

Viral Meningitis-Bipolar?

Relationship between Bipolar & OCD

Treatment of Bipolar, ADD and OCD

ODD & ADD & Meds

OCD & Intrusive Thoughts

ADHD & BP: Co-morbidity vs. a Single Pathology

Premature Birth & BP Dx:Neuro. Impairments Mimic BP & or ADHD?

Gastric Bypass Surgery and Bipolar

Bulimia & Bipolar Disorder

Better but then worse after a cold virus

Hepatitis C and Depakote

Bipolar Disorder and Seasonal Affective Disorder

What can I take safely for social phobia

Eating Disorders & Advice to My Doctor?

Bipolar and fibromyalgia

Connection between bipolar and Graves Disorder

Graves Disease & Bipolar Disorder

Differences in PTSD & Bipolar

PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder)

Major Depression and PTSD

Epilepsy and Bipolar Disorder

Relationship of seizures and bipolar disorder

Treating epilepsy and bipolar at the same time

Epilepsy medications

Cluster headaches and bipolar disorder

Cluster Headaches & BP--Update

Bipolar and migraines

Migraine Treatments & Bipolar

BP, Migraines, & First Seizure - Connection?



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