Internet Links:
bulletProbably the most extensive web site on the topic, Debra Martinson’s site contains a wealth of information for the self-injurer, family and friends:

LifeSIGNS – Self Injury Guidance and Network Support:


A UK site regarding self-injury and related issues (SIARI):


The SIDRAN foundation is a national non-profit organization devoted to the education, advocacy, and research into the treatment of trauma related disorders:


American Self-Harm Information Clearinghouse:

bullet S.A.F.E. – Self-Abuse Finally Ends Alternatives, a nationally recognized treatment approach:
bullet HealthyPlace Self-Injury Community and Support Group:

Self Mutilators Anonymous is a fellowship of self-injurers who adhere to the 12 step programs of AA to guide their recovery:


A site for teen self-injurers, although the information contained is useful to all who self-injure:


Focus Adolescent Services:


Bleeding out the Pain – Chronicles of a Self-Injurer:


Secret Cutting and the Pain Behind Self-Injury – a personal web site:

bullet Self-Injury: A Struggle. A personal website that includes important information for families and friends, and personal stories:

Advice for families and friends of Self-Injurers:


Bodies Under Siege Web Ring – an extensive network of internet sites including links to sites on related issues:;list



Recover Your Life 

RYL serves more than a million pages a day to 130 countries, we have more than 5000 pages of content, a huge forum ( Email support( lines), qualified medical advice through the live one on one chat services. ( one chat services)


The site is moderated by a team spread in every time-zone, the site is responsible and safe - and has been responsible for helping a huge number of people in recent years. We obviously want to try to help as many people as possible - so links are important. Everything on the site is, and always will be totally free too.


bulletBSSI (Breaking the Silence of Self-Injury) is a self-Injury support group in Morris County, New Jersey! BSSI Support & Recovery Group provides support and the steps a person will need to stop harming as a way of coping and to overcome everyaspect of self-injury. BSSI group has been designed to be encouraging and uplifting in a positive setting for those self-injuring their body.

BSSI takes place the 1st & 3rd Friday evening of every month starting at 7:15pm and ending at 9:00pm. The group is located at 37 Vreeland Road, in classroom #205 at Living Praise Church in Florham Park. The group is led by Vicki Duffy, author of the self-injury book, ‘No More Pain!’ and creator of self-help website, There is no cost to attend, all materials are provided without cost to attendees - you don't even need to bring a pen! Designed to be positive and encouraging, you will be part of the discussions, and keep a journal. Please visit for more information


bulletAlderman, Tracy, The Scarred Soul: Understanding Ending Self-Inflicted Violence, 1997, New Harbinger Publishers, 216 pp.
bullet Kaysen, Susanna, Girl Interrupted, 1993, Vintage Books, 168 pp.
bullet Levenkron, Steven, Cutting – Understanding and Overcoming Self-Mutilation, 1998, W.W. Norton & Company Inc., 269 pp.
bullet Linehan, M.M., Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personality Disorder, 1993, The Guilford Press, 180 pp.

Moskovitz M.D., Richard A., Lost in the Mirror – An Inside Look at Borderline Personality Disorder, 1996, Taylor Publishing Company, 190 pp.


Santoro, J., Cohen, R., The Angry Heart – Overcoming Borderline and Addictive Disorders, 1977, New Harbinger Publications, Inc., 253pp. 

bullet Strong, Marilee, A Bright Red Scream – Self-Mutilation and the Language of Pain, 1998, Penguin Books Ltd, 234 pp.
bullet Sutton, Jan, Healing the Hurt Within, How to Books Ltd, 255 pp.
bullet Trautmann, Kristy, Understanding Self-Injury: A Workbook for Adults, 1994, Pittsburgh Action Against Rape, 60 pp.
bullet Wegscheider Hyman, Jane , Women Living With Self-Injury, 1999, Temple University Press, 248 pp.

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