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Each year 30,000 Americans die by their own hand.  Ten times that many attempt suicide.  The question that haunts parents, families, and friends is why.  There never seems to be an adequate explanation.

To those who take their own lives, their death seems the best (and often only) solution, not only for them, but for their friends and families as well.   Usually suicide is a cry for help ... a last ditch attempt to communicate from a private hell.

Sadly far too many people with Bipolar Disorder die by suicide.  The suicide Wall is meant as a memorial to those who tried, but were unable to go on. 

Please feel free to remember your loved one here.

Please Note:  The Suicide Wall  is a Memory Wall.  It is not meant for expression of thoughts or feelings of suicide or suicidal behavior.  Please see below for information and help.

Are you feeling hopeless - Needing release from pain?
Thinking about ending your life?
You owe it to Yourself
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