Job Search/Interview Hints

These are hints from the "interviewer's" side of the table...hope they help you a bit...

bulletNEVER disclose anything about your past that you do not have to...but be upfront with direct questions...If personal questions are asked by the  interviewer, keep your answers professional and focused on the job you are interviewing for

bulletNEVER disclose anything about your medical history unless you feel that there are changes in accommodations that need to be made...with BP this is totally unnecessary

bulletNEVER discuss family, children etc... if you bring it up they can ask questions...they are not allowed to ask about your personal information such as marriage and children first though...if they do say something first say..."Oh, I didn't think you could ask me those questions"...

bulletNEVER, EVER, EVER bring children with you to a job interview...EVER

bulletNEVER "badmouth" your former employer, boss or supervisor...if you want to be immediately excluded from a job, "badmouthing" and telling an interviewer how the boss made you angry, so you just walked off the job is the way to go...otherwise, try to focus on the positives of your previous employer

bulletNEVER discuss law suits etc. brought against former employers....this could label you as a trouble maker

bulletALWAYS reveal any criminal background you may have even a DUI/DWI...or spitting on the side walk...too many people do not realize that when a criminal background check is done...even magistrate court counts and paying a speeding ticket is an admission of guilt

bulletALWAYS list previous employers, but not necessarily your supervisor...a close co-worker is acceptable as a reference, but put the co-worker's title, however, be prepared to answer questions about your working relationship with your supervisor...try to answer these questions in the most positive way possible...never criticize your former supervisor, especially by "name calling"

bulletALWAYS contact those who you intend to use as references...ask them ... if they prefer not to be used as a reference you will not question and will understand...sometimes people's personal references can be very prepared with names, complete addresses and phone numbers when you apply

bulletALWAYS have a CURRENT typed resume...this makes a BIG impression...but don't make corrections in pen etc.   I keep mine on computer so I can easily make any changes

bulletALWAYS "over-dress" for the interview...but don't go overboard. It is almost never appropriate to wear jeans and a t-shirt to an office type job interview...then don't want to wear a suit and tie to an interview for a casual position, that's for  business...but even here make sure your clothing is clean, pressed and in good repair...jeans and a button down shirt are great...also make sure you are clean and well groomed no matter what position

bulletIF you have previous positive reviews or evaluations from your employer, bring copies for your careful if everything is marked "EXCELLENT" ...that makes me a bit wary...we all have things we need to work on...and although these are good and show your past history...they don't count with me as much as a  job reference does...

bulletMake Sure you have a firm hand shake...nothing turns me off faster than a "cold fish" hand shake from someone...but don't over power the interviewer...if they are on their knees before you...then you went too

bulletMaintain good eye contact during the interview...but DO NOT "stare down" the

bulletTry to be as relaxed as possible, don't be afraid to tell the interviewer if you are a "bit nervous"...but try not to break out into a cold sweat...

bulletBe pleasant and smile when appropriate.  A smile really does brighten your face and make you look more positive

bulletPREPARE yourself for the following questions:

Why did you leave your last place of employment?
DO NOT PLACE BLAME HERE.  A good answer is something like, "I feel that I wanted to expand my responsibilities more and I had reached my potential in my position." or "No room for advancement"

What are your best qualities?
What are the areas that you feel you need to work on? 
(DO NOT ANSWER "I don't know" to either of the two above) (Do not answer ANGER MANAGEMENT to the second

How do you handle conflict with a co-worker? with a supervisor? (don't get silly...know what I'm thinking right

How will hiring you benefit XXXXXXX Company?

 Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years, 10 years (etc)?

bulletThank the interviewer for their time and consideration at the end of the interview.  Ask when you can be hearing from them.  Wish them a good day. 

 You may have more suggestions...we would love to add them here...please contact [email protected] !

Published 10/2003

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